A former St. John’s College Head Boy, Bahamian Academic, Priest and Professor at Spelman College in Atlanta is Saturday’s Fatality Victim on Cat Island….

Bahamian Professor of Spelman College in Atlanta Dr. Anthony Dahl is fatality victim on Cat Island.

Cat Island – Bahamas Press has more details on that traffic fatality on Cat Island over the weekend and the victim is not a tourist as police reported earlier.

We can report the victim is a noted professor at Spelman College at Atlanta, a priest and former head boy at St. Johns College, Rev. Dr. Anthony Dahl.

Dr. Dahl had recently returned home to the Bahamas for the holidays and was in the process of relocating back to the Bahamas when this tragic incident unfolded. He had settled in the community of Orange Creek and had rented an apartment for a month where he was deciding to start a ministry. 

As an academic, Dr. Dahl was fluent in some seven languages and had two PhDs in Spanish and Portuguese. He was also a noted author of several books, and had just recently completed a degree in Divinity. This is sad indeed.

Police reported the accident on Saturday around noon, and confirmed that, while driving on a 2018 Sonyoung 125cc motorcycle north along Queens Highway in the settlement of Smith’s Bay, Dr. Dahl lost control of his motorbike as he attempted to avoid an oncoming vehicle and crashed into a utility pole. With extensive injuries, he was transported to the community clinic in Smith’s Bay, where he succumbed. 

His siblings include Mrs. Ann Dahl Smith, Dr. Merceline Dahl Regis, who served as the Chief Medical Officer of the Bahamas, Mrs. Iva Dahl Brown, and a brother, Don. We pray that our good and gracious God bring peace to them all at this time of bereavement.

Rest Eternal Grant Unto Him O Lord! Amen.

We report yinner decide!


  1. Rest in Heaven Dr. Dahl?? You were not only my favorite professor at Spelman College, but my inspiration for pursuing a career as a Spanish Professor. I will never forget you getting me a scholarship so that I could travel with you as a student fellow (Spanish major) to the Dominican Republic to help you with the 1997 Morehouse-Spelman summer study abroad program. You were not only a brilliant man, but a superb person with a big heart! I feel honored to have known you because you were such an inspiration for me and I learned so much from you! Your former student-Leslie Clement Gutierrez, Ph.D??

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