St Margaret’s Anglican Church to get a new Priest-In-Charge

Fr. Colin Humes set to become the Priest In Charge at St. Margaret’s Parish.

NASSAU| Addington House is set to announce the appointment of Fr. Colin Humes as the new rector in the Parish of St. Margaret’s in Kemp Road.

Fr. Humes is presently the Assistant Curate for Christ The King Parish in Ridgeland Park and previously served at Christ Church Cathedral and Our Lady & St. Stephen Anglican Church on Bimini.

Fr. Humes and his family will present at St. Margaret’s on Advent Sunday, which is December 1st.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear as to who Bishop Laish Zane Boyd will send to St. Christopher in Lyford Cay. The parish was left vacant without an appointed Rector following the appointment of its former Rector, Fr. Keith Cartwright, to St. Agnes Anglican Church.

We report yinner decide!