Is Jenelle Hollingsworth really missing, or perhaps someone known to her knows exactly where she is?

The last photos of missing Grand Bahamian Jenelle Hollingsworth leaving a hotel in New York. Who took this photo? And do they know where she is now?

NASSAU| Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be looking for the last person who made contact with that missing Grand Bahama woman in New York.

BP can report Jenelle Hollingsworth, 35, is believed to have left a New York Hotel with a person known to her who took photos of her leaving the property before she vanished.

New York police confirmed Hollingsworth was last seen at the Fairfield Marriott at 100 Greenwich St. in the Financial District on Oct. 24.

Now we know she may have had a boyfriend at the time but some have confirmed she is a person who relies on medication for her health.

Now following our first story, BP got an anonymous comment from someone registered to the Twitter page as Peakage!@PeakEdgeStudio that read: “Your information is wrong and is NOT from the NYPD, it’s pasted from an inaccurate article being shared around. She is 130 pounds and was seen checking out the hotel on the 27th cases and all, not missing -from- the hotel. This ridiculous photo is a decade out of date. I have given you real information and photos, do a proper job, with sensitivity, or I will travel to the Bahamas just for my steel-toe-cap boots to contact your bollocks.”

Now, from those comments it looks like that “steel-toe-cap boots” individual is prepared to also leave an entire leg with BP and return to someplace out of the Bahamas with only one foot. There is no way possible you would swing ya foot at BP and leave walking with two legs. But we welcome the audacious attempt!

Anyway, someone knows where Jenelle Hollingsworth is and if they can take photos at the location where she was last seen, perhaps they also know where she went or where she is now.

Someone inside the FBI must look deep into this case.

We report yinner decide!