All Hell is Breaking Loose at ZNS Due to Mattress Manager Beverley Curry

Beverley Curry Vs Carla Palmer as ZNS spins out of control.

NASSAU| Viewers of ZNS should be very familiar with reporter Carla Palmer over the years. She is a seasoned reporter who has worked at ZNS for a very long time. Palmer is the daughter of National Hero Fernly Palmer, a man well respected in the community. 

Everyone knows Palmer to be a beautiful girl, inside and out, always with a word of encouragement for her coworkers. Of late, Palmer needs the encouragement herself as she is under heavy fire from the Dumb Bell Deputy General Manager of News at ZNS, Beverley Curry. 

The war between Curry and Palmer has gone on for some time now, but has really come to a head in recent weeks. Palmer was transferred out of the newsroom some years ago to avoid the wrath of Dumb Bell Curry, but Curry has now made the decision to move Palmer back under her so the abuse can resume. All claws are out between the two with Curry winning as usual because she answers to no one and is allowed to do whatever she wants to whomever she wants at ZNS. 

Curry has always aligned herself with whatever party is in power, sleeping her way to the top with no education to back her positions and no work skills or ethics. This jungalist, Andros bush woman can be seen swilling alcoholic drinks at any over the hill bar with her friends at night and on Sunday she is in some church parking lot, trying to make deals with God to shake off the wickedness in her rotten core. God is not hearing you, Sister Curry. Leave Carla Palmer alone! Her father is a real man of God. They pray to a living god, not the fellow in the fiery furnace.

Palmer has engaged the services of the BCPOU to deal with Curry as countless others have done, and more than likely she will win the case. However, nothing will happen because whoever Magic City Curry is sleeping with this time has her back and lets her do whatever she wants, come to work or not come to work, whenever she wants and use ZNS’ money to do whatever she wants. 

The complaints against Curry’s behaviour are mounting and falling on deaf ears. She was heard on the job bragging to those who fear her how nothing and no one can stop her slash and burn methods toward those she does not like, abusing her power while those in authority stand by eating cupcakes and watching. What in da hell is dis? Is this Succubus Laneisha Rolle’s sister?

Belzebub Beverley is well known in the political arena for being a human mattress. We know half of the FNM MPs will hide when they read that. Hide all you want, we have the list of all your names and the places these deviant acts occurred. Hope you’ll using condoms!! 

This woman so bad, her husband had to pack up and leave town with their children to start life afresh in a foreign land where no one knows them. The Mattress Manager is going to be the downfall of ZNS very soon, but that part BP keeping quiet on for now. 

BP followers need to watch this Wayward Sex Warrior carefully because, when the PLP comes to power, she will – all of a sudden – be a PLP again, seeking Employment Asylum. That will not work, Sister Curry. The PLP has closed its legs to you. You are a tart who is no longer welcome for the eating.

The problem with Palmer is that she is showing Curry no fear. She is willing to go to all lengths and breadths not to move back under the care of Curry. BP’s sources deep at ZNS says this war is not going to end well for Palmer. 

Why is ZNS and the FNM government allowing this?  Are they too busy buying big time cars for each other that they are not seeing the advantage being taken?

Big time reporters like Christopher Saunders and Clint Watson have walked off the job and many others have done the same or chosen to be transferred out. One woman cannot and should not be made to get away with so much. What is the poison in that place?

BP will be watching ZNS with a magnifying glass and will update on this war shortly. What is the FNM government doing with this place? The toilets don’t even work properly – and they are even rationing the toilet paper. 

We report! Yinner decide!