International Car THEFT Ring Leads FBI to George Town, EXUMA


Glenn Gomez Comptroller of Customs

Nassau, Bahamas — There is BREAKING NEWS out of the island of Exuma this afternoon and sources on the ground tell us police on that island have foiled a major international car theft ring.

We are told police were dispatched in George Town and have confiscated four stolen vehicles found in a trailer. The container is allegedly owned by a close relative of the man who was killed there some six weeks ago.

The vehicles include a Yukon, Escalade, Titan and an Accord all of the 2010 variety. One of the vehicles, the Accord, was shipped by investigators into Nassau so as to establish a connection as to who would collect it. But no one showed up for the stolen item.

Bahamas Press has learnt the vehicles were a set of 17 stolen from the USA during the past few months and was hidden in trailers that had cases of juice and water at the front section of it. The stolen vehicles were hidden at the back. We are reliably informed there were two trailers confiscated in this investigation.

With the cloud of suspicion engulfing the Customs Department the question is: How did Custom officials, who inspected both trailers, never mentioned or reported the vehicles on the manifest?

We are told by sources close to the investigation, an officer, who is second-in-charge of the department on the island may be closely associated with the person who owns the trailers, and had them released to the suspect now being questioned by police.

Bahamas Press can also confirm the owner of the trailers has high political ties to a senior FNM government official.

We can also confirm a team of FBI officials landed in Exuma last week forcing a shutdown of the Customs Department on Tuesday with intense questions being put as to how they [Customs officers and the suspects] were able to pull off the major crime without Homeland Security knowing a thing!

Bahamas Press is on a mission combing the Customs Departments and scaling the walls of the ministry of finance asking the question: With the shortage of revenues and half of government entities BROKE, how is it such a major FRAUD was committed and not a DAMN word spoken about it in the WUTLESS MEDIA?

And while the Minister Laing, the junior minister of state for finance with responsibility for the Customs Department is on a radio talk-show talking rat droppings, US officials are still investigating the allege INTERNATIONAL FRAUD AIDED BY HIS DEPARTMENT! We expect no better from him however, we remember Mona VIE and know people are living in their cars in Marco City.

All the vehicles are parked with tape around them at the local police station in George Town.


  1. WOOOOW!!! I am appalled!! what is this country coming to, one person seems to ring a bel in this situation but i can only try to think positive and hope my mind is playing tricks on me…this is SICK!!so much underground economies in this country!!! now the entire line needs to be investigated because who even put the cars in the trailers?? sickening man!

  2. This story has been ongoing for weeks and it appears once again that as long as you know a senior fnm you can do anything. Its amazing that this wasnt news worthy when you have at least over 100 gran of the govt monies not being collected. Talk about Customs down here is very annoying I brought in a pallet with clear wrap and they split my pallet down to everything on there to find that 2 double AA batteries was not on my declared entry two batteries but you have the MP brother over here who brought in 4 PALLETS WITH BLACK WRAP and they werent touch I guess its because he owns a wholesale store or maybe because his neice the MP daughter works for customs BP what do you think?



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    Guardian Staff Reporter

    Police are nearing a breakthrough in their investigations into a car theft operation that saw cars stolen in Florida and smuggled into The Bahamas, in shipping containers filled with food items destined for a local grocery store.

    The vehicles–a GMC 2011 and 2010 Yukon, a 2010 Honda Accord, and a 2008 truck-were stolen from various parts of Florida during the latter part of last month and shipped to Exuma,

    according to Superintendent Morey Evans, officer in charge of Exuma and the Southern Bahamas.

    Evans said the police intercepted the stolen cars after they were tipped off about another alleged crime.

    “We got some information some uncustomed goods believed to be beers were stashed on this fast ferry traveling from George Town to Nassau,”â Evans said.”So on checking those vehicles we discovered some beers in the vehicles and as we examined them(the cars)to check for ownership we discovered that the vehicles were licenced in Nassau, but the decals were not corresponding with the license plates. So recognizing that they may have been stolen, I moved the vehicles from the boat.”

    Evans said when officers ran the vehicles through the system, they learned that they were in fact stolen vehicles.

    “The owners of the 2011 didn’t even know the Yukon was stolen until we informed them,”he added.

    Evans said the vehicles have since been moved to a more secure compound.

    “The cars were brought in on containers-containers that had food items for one of the major stores around here,”Evans said.

    “After we got wind of what was happening we examined the 40-foot trailers that the cars were brought in and made some notes of all the registration and stuff on the trailers.”

    The trailers were brought into the country on a boat that travels directly into Exuma from Florida.

    In addition to the local investigations, Evans said the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)is conducting investigations in Florida.

    “We are in some dialogue with investigators in Florida. We’re sharing information so definitely we’ll bring some closure to this matter maybe in another month or so.”

    Evans said local police have already identified some Bahamian suspects.

    “I will say that we have an idea of the major players,”he added.

  4. The Nassau Guardian ran the story in its Monday edition then quickly took it down from their website today. The media is now silenced!


  5. BP can u clear up something please? The Accord that was used for bait you said was never collected. Yet it still ended up in a trailer? R u saying after not being collected it was eventually stolen? just a little confused…

  6. we’ve been buzzing about this down here in exuma for the longest time… and I couldnt believe that not a word of this had made it into the media

    • Tyson we note you say “PERHAPS”, fact is a Customs officers are involve and are complicit with this crime.


    • And you always SPINNING and DEFLECTING NEWS from the facts. Why yinner don’t tell the DAMN Tribune the same?


  7. What do you expect out of them wutless medias who support this government. You will hear nothing unless it comes from BP. Heads need to roll and those found wantoning should be punish to the max, including that wutless minister. I cry shame on the FNM who dont give a damn about public perception when the rules are being broken, but they would say murder them PLP’s and send them straight to jail. Hubert it aint long now. We ready now.

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