Statement by Davis on the arrest and detention of DNA Leader and members

Opposition Leader Hon. Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

By Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

The arrest and detention of the Leader and members of the National Democratic Alliance is an act of political intimidation, oppression and suppression by an insecure, paranoid and hugely unpopular Prime Minister. Dr. Minnis does not know the difference between an unlawful act and a political activity.

I have spoken with the DNA Leader Mrs. Arinthia Komolafe and her legal counsel, assuring her of our support.

This cannot be the same Prime Minister who has consistently used this pandemic and Emergency Orders to suppress political activities while he and his large delegations fly around the country campaigning for re-election on the public purse.

For the last three weekends the Prime Minister led large social gatherings in Golden Gates, Centerville and Garden Hills and justified these gatherings even as the media criticized him for ignoring the COVID rules he put in place.

Further, when Dr. Minnis as Opposition Leader demonstrated with the WE MARCH group and the Cabbage Beach vendors, was he arrested, detained and charged?

No, he was not.

It would be rank hypocrisy to support his dictatorial intent which requires the silencing of dissenting voices.

The behavior of this government is a threat to our democracy and freedom loving Bahamians of good will are asked to stand against any and all threats to these hard fought rights.


Live photos of DNA Supporters outside Central Policeā€¦the arrest comes days following a protest. Bahamians have a right to assemble anywhere at any time!