Statement by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party Alleged police involved shooting in Exuma


The PLP is deeply concerned over what appears to be a killing in Exuma involving an off duty police officer.

The photos and video that made the rounds on and went viral on social media are particularly gruesome and disturbing.

The PLP calls for a proper, balanced and thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding this killing. Police involved shootings are particularly emotive and it is important that the general public remains confident in the police force as agents of peace, fully committed to maintaining law, order and public safety.

The PLP has repeatedly made the general point that the country’s police force needs more non lethal methods of subduing suspects and in crowd control. We see batons – but the available method of force goes from the non lethal baton to service weapons, sometimes big guns in usually non violent social gatherings. We appreciate that police officers currently have few choices, but they must be careful in discharging their service weapons; lethal force should always be a last resort. Perhaps pepper spray and tasers – two non lethal weapons for subduing suspects and controlling crowds can be considered. This issue of the use of force must be addressed more comprehensively.

We await the outcome of the police investigation and hope that justice is eventually served in the public interest.