Statement by the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe,
Member of Parliament for West End & Bimini
on the passing of Anita Doherty


Grand Bahama has lost a true patriot!

Anita Doherty committed her life to service; to teaching, to educating our youth, guiding and directing a generation that will be forever grateful.

She had the strength of character molded on the principles of hard work and determination. She was nobody’s fool, and was resolute in her convictions. These were among her qualities that quantified her leadership in the classroom, in the conduct of her civic duties and in her sports prowess.

Arguably, Anita Doherty was among the greatest Bahamian female athletes. From track and field to tennis, she had mastered. Her achievements were high and her performance stellar.

Anita was an inspiration to all who have followed in the unending quest for The Bahamas to reach the apex of Sports Greatness.

Anita Doherty played a major role in my life encouraging me to dream and to pursue my dreams with vigor and determination. Just as she touched me, she touched thousands of others, placing them on the threshold to
personal growth, professional acclaim and responsible citizenship.

Anita Doherty was a true patriot whose life was committed to building a nation and its people.

May she rest in peace.