Statement from the Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party On the Acquittal of Frank Smith.

Opposition Leader and MP for Cat Island Rum Cay and San Salvador Philip Brave Davis

28 August 2019

It is time for this incompetent, bumbling, vengeful government to go. The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal against the acquittal of former Senator Frank Smith and said he is free to go. We hope that the crown will now leave this matter alone and will not waste precious public resources in this judicial folly by appealing to the Privy Council.

We are pleased at the result of this case. Our party’s position from the start was that this was victor’s justice being wreaked by an incompetent, clueless, vengeful government. 

We think our case against them is proven beyond all doubt!

We renew our call for Dr. Duane Sands and Marvin Dames to resign from the Cabinet. If they do not, they must be dismissed. If the Prime Minister does not act, then all must go.

We are more convinced than ever that a vote of no confidence must be moved against the government. It is clear that they are not fit for office.

We want a full accounting for this waste of taxpayer’s money. How much did it cost, to lose this case? This was a case that was hatched in political wickedness.

We thank the Bahamian people and the young reporters in the Bahamian press for their support of fairness. 

The Bahamian people wanted fairness and they kept the light of fairness on this case to hold this incompetent government to account.

We ask our supporters and all friends of the progressive cause to stand firm, be resolute as truth will prevail because no lie lasts forever.