ZNS Reporter Has Asthma Attack on Air


NASSAU| If you were watching ZNS live coverage yesterday you would have seen reporter Altovise Munnings lose control on TV. Asthma attack and hot flashes.

She was breathing like a land turtle or rhinoceros on TV and speaking a whole lot of non-sensical foolishness.

Munnings was standing in a pool of sweat and that hay straw wig of hers was sliding off her head from sweat. Misses Munnings looked nasty. Like an erupting, sweaty volcano. 

Why is ZNS always pushing her on all things TV? What about the men who work there like the newsreader in the afternoon. ZNS is a disgrace!

They are the worse. Give me Eye Witness News any day. Clint those would never send a  sweaty, synthetic wig woman who is in the middle of an asthma attack to represent them on TV. But who are we to comment. It’s The Peoples Time! Munnings represents the PM. What more do you expect? 

We report yinner decide!


    • Well we might be BUT F S would never be allowed to have his bitter comments against this page posted on here. GOOD BYE!!! They will always be deleted!

  1. Whoever wrote this article is insensitive. She did her best to finish her report. Her today maybe you tomorrow. Why is this even news. God be your judge.

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