Stepfather sexually assaults an 8-year-old who told police this was not the only incident….


When the Churrin are not being discarded in some bush or building dey raping the churrin! WHAT IS THIS HAPPENING IN THE BAHAMAS? Children are under attack in the Bahamas!

FREEPORT| Bahamian Police has now confirmed a molestation incident on Grand Bahama island involving a 70 retiree and an eight year old dependent.

The incident unfolded around 11pm on Sunday in a quiet community on the island.

The victim confirmed to police that this attack was not the first time the sexual assaults had occurred, and told the horror stories of how the incidents were repeated.

The mother caught her pedophile husband with the child.

Bahamian Police have now confirmed the incident advising members of the media that indeed they are investigating a reported sexual assault matter that involves a victim, who is a dependent and a minor. The male accused in this matter is in police custody and is expected to be charged.

BP has learned that the predator is the stepfather of the victim.

O Lord save and protect the Churrin Dem from these violent beats walking up and down in the earth!

We report yinner decide!