Stolen Boats in Abaco take away the livelihood of fishermen in the Crown Haven area…


Residents appeal for assistance from the capital to major crisis on Island!

A Boston Whaler just like this with an 85hp engine was stolen from a boat area in Crown Haven Abaco.
Residents from Abaco calls for SuperCOP Ellison Greenslade for assistance!

Crown Haven, Abaco — The local residents of Crown Haven seaside community in Abaco have all sent an urgent appeal to Bahamas Press to address a major concern now unfolding in their community.

In a communication to BP, residents wrote yesterday: “BP, we have a serious situation here where boats are being stolen and folks’ livelihood here on the island of Abaco is being taken away! Through you, BP – like the Speaker of the Parliament – we beg your online media assistance to communicate this message online so that we make contact with those top officials on New Providence to assist us in addressing this crisis on the island. We, the people in the Crown Haven community, are getting no results from the local police! Some four days now and a second boat has been stolen and no suspect is in custody! Even though the public- at- large came forth pointing out potential suspects. This is unacceptable!

“Please help us alert [Da Mayor] Dr. B. J. Nottage and the most decent officer the Royal Bahamas Police Force has ever produced – Da Honorable Commissioner Ellison Greenslade! We know when they see this message from this island we will get results!

“Please, please, BP, assist us by getting this message out and across the nation as we the people of Abaco have Bahamas Press on lock and when yawl speak we see results! The Wutless Media Dem and the Terlet Paper are no help to our cause! We have written to them before and they refuse to give us one ounce of coverage! We know Mr. Greenslade has many good decent men and women on the Force, but this crew in Crown Haven needs to be investigated! Thanks again, BP! Keep Up the Great Work for we know the army is coming to Crown Haven now!…..”

Since this communication from this island, Bahamas Press agents on the ground have moved into identifying the vessel stolen and have now confirmed its registration.

The vessel stolen is registered #0818CHAB. We can confirm it is a Boston Whaler with an 85hp engine!

Bahamas Press calls on all boaters and sea craft persons in the area and around the country to keep your eyes open. If you come across this stolen vessel call the Police at 919 or CRIME STOPPERS at 328-TIPS (8477) (New Providence) or 1-242-300-8476 (Family Islands).