STOLEN Truck found parked up in people yard on Lazaretto Road off Carmichael!


NASSAU| At 6:51pm on Tuesday a distressed reader of BP reported the need for our help in helping to recover this vehicle.

BP quickly blasted notice of the stolen vehicle, calling upon our over 650,000 daily followers worldwide and in country to keep an eye open and call the police.

Almost immediately following our blast a caller told those searching that the truck was spotted on Firetrail Road.

Within just two hours police were telephoned by a second hardcore BP reader who reported that the said stolen vehicle was spotted on Lazaretto Road off Carmichael Road.

Quick action by police followed up the call and the vehicle was found parked up in the people yard like a prize on Wheel of Fortune!

Bahamas Press wants to thank that caller for calling. You helped solve another crime. The country needs more like you.

But what does this say about the robber? Dey believe they can just pull off in people assets and ride around like bigshots! What is dis?

Bahamas Press is encouraging residents to tighten their security systems. Buy tracking devices, cameras, panic alarms and protect the items you worked so hard for!

We ga report yinner decide!