Stuart in Branville OUT! Now that’s progress?

BDM Leader Cassius Stuart now joined the FNM.

The Bahamas Democratic Movement has disbanded and has joined the Free National Movement.

The move was given unanimous consent of the FNM Council Wednesday evening at FNM Headquarters, where former BDM Leader Cassius Stuart and colleagues were warmly welcomed into the membership of the FNM.

A similar effort was made to breakup the NDP. NDP leadership however rejected PAPA’s offer. What we find amazing is this; Carl Bethel said PAPA never approached the NDP. Boy, someone lying!

A miracle baby Bastian shot during the murder of her father held by Rodney Moncur.

But there ya have it, eight people are added to the FNM! Das news?

Bahamas Press is also asking PAPA, Why is he avoiding to form an alliance with the WORKER’s Party? Rodney Moncur has more followers than the BDM.

One thing no one can deny is this, BP told ya from jump street in the Lizzy Election how Stuart was an agent for Papa. Now ya know!

Meanwhile the new Independent Party headed by branville McCartney is in Abaco reminding the people of that community how the FNM has FAILED the Bahamian People! Roscoe Thompson III and Braville are on a misson to topple the FNM.

FNM Welcomes the BDM from FNM Restoring Your Trust on Vimeo.


  1. @ Funky Nassau

    This is not a “clever” political move by Stuart. Oh no!! It is a TEXT BOOK political opportunist move, nothing more and nothing less.

    Again, we have a case where a poster would rather see things that do not exist instead of facing the obvious. Stuart finally gave in to his ambitions and parked his values on the side to do so. He is just like the thing he once detested.

    • Yes, Storm – “text book” to be exact. Opportunistic – agreed. I see a lot of things and one of them is that in order to make things happen you can’t be out in the parking lot talking – you have to get inside where all the decisions are being made to really have an impact.

      Sometimes you have to play coy to get what you want accomplished here in the Bahamas. In this corrupt culture where insider deals, favors and friendly connections trump “modus operandi” you have to make moves like this to get around the minutia. If you want to stand a chance of ever breaking through the opposition’s camp’s fortitude you have to put on your poker face.

      You ever heard about the Trojan Horse? Ok, then maybe you can see what I am seeing now. All the tricks come out when it’s time for election, you should know this. Just like Junkanoo, who ga bring the baddest theme this year type of mentality exists.

      So my pov is that Mr. Stuart is just being a chameleon right now – yeah, he might be getting some cash gains upfront but that is not the payout he is going after!

    • Boy when you dumb… I dare all Bahamians to get out the fish bowl so you could see the big picture.

      When you really want to shake things the F-up you have to go covert. By hook or crook Stuart needed to be in Parliament to make things happen – then he will show his tru colors.

      This ain’t no ole school move. This dude is smart and more Bahamians need to start thinking and stop playing the fool. This is nothing more than a chest move.

      Bahamians smart ya know! That is when they really want to use the brain they have been gifted with for good and not selfish ploys.

      Where ya’ll at man….

  2. @ Fletcher Newbold

    The only crediable indicators about the probable outcome of the next general elections came via. Public Domain and it suggest that the FNM is trailing the PLP and a sustantial number of Bahamians are inclined to vote for a thiord party, etc., so on what basis do you support you view that the FNM will win?

    You clowns have the audacity to use your real names, or is it a case of “showing” your loyalty to the party. How sad, how utterly pathetic, and you are probably offended if you are called “dummy” because you defy valid, objective data when it does not support your quest. The data from Public Domain strongly suggest that the outcome in 2012 is entirely in the hands of independent/swing voters. Go meditate on that!

  3. You’ll heard Cassius little speech..he sounded like a 6th grader in a speech competition! Papa can’t seriously think that Cassius is/would be any threat to Bran!!


  5. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul. Shame on you Mr Stuart, lost all my rest for you, i thought you stood for something i even voted for you. Sad bro very Sad

  6. @Steve – “…how hypocritical is this?”, isn’t that what one should expect from the typical Bahamian? They talk a good talk but when it comes to action they never follow through. What the country needs is a complete make over.

    Ever heard that saying… If you keep doing what you doing, you gonna keep getting what you getting” ?

    I was so mislead to believe that Bahamians are “so smart”. With all the buffoonery going on in the country can you every believe that?

  7. Bran causing papa all kind of sleepless night, he is threaten by him. You could see it, that’s why Papa went down in Bamboo Town to talk bad about Bran. He don’t need to tell those people nothing about Bran, they already know Bran and they know exactly what he is good for. Bran was a man who was into his constituents and he have already made his mark in that area. Now papa running up in down like a man gone crazy trying to grab up this person and the next person from these third parties to join his team, because he’s thinking Bran might approach them to join up with him, so he trying to beat Bran to the deal. It is not like he has any respect for any of them, because look how long persons like Cassius Stuart been around trying to become members of parliament and he never even gave them a second glance. He don’t see them as any threat to him on their own, but he feel if they join up with Bran they may stand a chance. It does not matter what he do now, people are looking for a leader who is willing to go to battle for all Bahamian, a leader who cares about our safety and most importantly, who believes in us. I don’t see where Papa don’t fit into that pattern.

  8. Stuart was in the dying days of his political life. The NDP had already replaced his party as the celebrated “alternative voice” and I do not recall him ever having leadership elections (someone correct me with FACTS on this point if it is not believed). If so, then the “D” in the party’s name needed to go a long time ago and this might explain “why” he was unable to attract talented party members.

    He has nothing to lose because this would have been his last lap around the political track before accepting final defeat. His message will not be embraced inside the party (it shouldn’t take his membership and candidacy as an FNM to accept the merits of his ideas – a good idea is a good idea regardless of who it comes from) so that “hogwash” about “finding a place to execute” is for the naive.

    I see two desperate people (Ingraham/Stuart) clinging to the same inner tube in shark infested waters.

  9. it saddens me to see what our country has come too. It seems as if Papa Chuckles is so sure of his demise come the next election 2012, that he has now stoop to an all time low…I mean, is he making a mockery out of the Bahamian people or what? Cassius Stuart….come on Hubert, i though better of you. but then again, we are talking Papa Chuckles. ok that is enough, i am going to march my fat ass down to him right now, i want to run in the next election…i want to run for his constituency in Abaco,,,dam sure he dont stand a chane with me…final answer

  10. I am so disappointed in Cassius Stuart! What he failed to recognised and what I thought he was all about was openning Bahamians eyes when it comes to this oppressing two party system!. This so called PAPA again outsmarted Mr. Stuart as he himself has noticed Bahamians are really over both parties and is looking for something ANEW!

    Cassius, you have provided to be nothing but an opportunist no different than the others. SHAME ON YOU!

  11. Where were all these people who commenting when the BDM needed their support? Now yall vexed!!! Cassius is a fool for staying around for 11 years and thinking Bahamians would have supported him.

    • Confused, I TOTALLY agree with you. All of these losers on this board are talking trash about Cassius Stuart and calling him an opportunist. Are you guys serious??!! Y’all must be smoking. This man was around for more than a DECADE trying to make the 3rd party system work. NONE of these fools voted for the guy. How many times do you want him to do the same thing and it ain’t working. If you cared so much about him, why didn’t you all VOTE for him?!

      He did the right thing by joining the FNM. I think that party is more open to his voice and opinions than the dinosaur PLP and it took most of the BDM’s members.

      Y’all want to talk about opportunism? Talk Branville McCartney – a drop out cabinet minister who quits everything when it ain’t working in his favour. Now, he has appointed himself leader of his party instead of holding democratic elections and he’s about to surround himself with the likes of Renward Wells??! Puh-LEASE. I can’t believe how dumb my people are. It’s so sad.

  12. Is this announcement for real or faked by the PLP to embarrass the membership of the FNM? Anyone want to bet me on how long it will be before Papa wrung that happy Ronald McDonald smile off Cassius face and the carload of supporters he brought to his new Papa?

  13. Bahamas Cassius Stuart has absolutely nothing to deliver to Papa Chuckles. This move reminds me of the dying days of the UBP’s colonial way of thinking when they actually nominating such characters as Granville Symonette and Cleophas Adderley. I can understand the UBP’s logic of pretending they were coloring up the UBP in pursuit of the black voters, but why Papa thinks this is the new image for the FNM totally alludes me?

    • It appears that Stuart does not have any integrity and polital currency. All of a sudden, he now realize that Bahamians do not have great faith, in third party’s. But interesting enough he was cursing the FNM during the BTC situation, and negotiating with the FNM at the same time. How hypocrital is this.

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