Suicide victim found in furniture store


Butterfly_Suicide_I_by_DoNotAttempt-1By Jimenita Swain ~ Guardian Senior Reporter ~

The body of a Home Furniture employee was discovered yesterday at the company’s store in the Palmdale Shopping Center, the victim of a suicide, said police.

Police press officer Sergeant Chrislyn Skippings said around 3:50 p.m. police received a report about an incident at the Home Furniture store.

“Police responded and discovered the lifeless body of a male clad in blue jeans pants, red shirt with black stripes with injuries to the neck,” she said.

Skippings said emergency medical service personnel responded and confirmed that there were no vital signs.
“Information is the deceased was an employee of the Home Furniture store,” she said.

The victim is believed to have been an employee of the establishment for a number of years.

This is the second suicide in New Providence in just under two weeks.

On Sunday, February 28, 18-year-old Keisha Thurston’s lifeless body was found hanging from the rafters of an apartment she shared with her mother just off McKinney Drive.

Family members said her body was discovered around 3 p.m. by her mother who had just arrived home. They added that it appeared Thurston had used a ladder to attach a skipping rope

Thursday March 11, 2010


  1. @Future Leader….Just pick up your Bible and read the whole book of St John read the whole thing… don’t need me on your case

  2. @ BigP
    Ok i would like to recant my statement because i wasnt aware of his mental issues or the fact that some meds do cause suicidal reactions. HOWEVER i did grow up in the catholic church and as far as i know suicide is an unforgivable sin. Suicide, and abortion. Now if im wrong then prove it. otherwise get off my case.

  3. I knew this guy and saw him 2 weeks before this incident he appeared ok to me i would also like to find out who gave him the shot and why as he should have been kept overnight for observation mental illness has long been stigmatized in this country and there are a lot of mildly retard people here who need medication but are afraid because we hold such things in a negative light.  Future leader for the record re-read your bible Jesus died for ALL sins not some that includes suicide Peter was a Christian he is now worshiping at the feet of the Almigty

  4. Another thought that strikes a cord of concern involves that dead employee turning on his co workers and slaughtering them before committing suicide.It is in the public interest for an investigation to take place to determine if the medication this man took has any negative affects on ones psyche.Since I know that those in authority read posts here then i see no reason for any coverup.Let the chips fall where they may as a future Govt will investigate matters like this if present authorities turn ostrich on us.

    • Russell, you are so right this man could have injured or killed other persons as well. I don’t know what is be in some of these medication these health officials is be administering to people and the effect it could have on one’s body. Doctors would prescribe a medicine to counteract a certain medical condition, when you look you end up developing all kinds of other medical ailments or you find yourself having a dependency for the drugs. Maybe our hospitals and clinics should focus more attention on introducing more natural and healthy alternative instead of being hasty to write up these prescription or administering drugs to people that could have a deadly effect. Maybe more should be done as well in the area of monitoring how well employees in the medical field handle patients and how procedures are carried out. The goal should be to try and meet each patient individual needs, bearing in mind that everybody is designed differently and some of these drugs can cause some serious side effect on certain person’s mental capacity, so I think proper monitoring and following up should be done whenever administering these strong drugs to people that can cause a suicidal reactions.

      • A Dr said to me once that if the person administering drugs is not willing to take it then neither should you.Google any prescribed drugs and you would tremble in your boots at the after effects.These drugs can be placed in the “for export only” category.

  5. I have always told my employees over and over repeatedly if you are not feeling good not to come to work. Now you have some employees who are not going to do that, because they are afraid that they may lose their jobs. I hope this was not the case with this latest suicide victim, because his brother was on the news saying, he has a mental problem and the day before he committed suicide he went to the hospital for treatment and he was complaining about the medication they had given. He said after they had given him a shot, he wasn’t feeling well afterward. I don’t know if whether or not the nurses realized the effect the medication took on him, but it might have been better if they had kept him in under observation or released him to a family member or friend who were willing to supervise him, until he was feeling much better to return to work. If his employer were aware of his mental situation and if somebody had called in for him and explained the situation to them, I can’t imagine them having a problem with him staying home maybe for a couple of days to catch himself. It would have been better for him to do that, than to come to work and do what he did. In life you have to be able to sympathize with others and put yourself in their shoes, because today it could happen to them, tomorrow it could be you or me. We need to realize that this is something that could happen to any one of us.

    • Some medication causes suicidal reactions therefore am curious to see what was prescribed for this man.Too many suicides either reveal we as a nation are without hope or the medication makes us crave ending our lives.

  6. well it is sad that they kill themselves. but at the same time let us not forget that suicide is the one unforgivable sin by god. so while i sympathize with their family i have no respect for such cowardly type actions. and im quite sure their souls WILL NOT REST IN PEACE BUT INSTEAD EVERLASTING FIRE AND MORE TURMOIL.

    • Agree Lisa, the picture was truly in poor taste. I just truly hope that all these suicides are truly being investigated so that a homocide is not being disguised.  It’s very easy to strangle someone and then leave them hanging somewhere so that the scene is staged as a suicide.  Ok, ok, maybe I’m far out in left field but we can’t ignoe tha tsuicide is on the rise in the Bahamas. The question is why?  

  7. My thoughts and prayers goes out to this man’s family , friends, the owner(s), staff and regular customers of Home Furniture who might have been in contact with the decease on a regular basis. This has certainly been a traumatizing ordeal, but it just goes to show the serious impact that mental illness can have on a person‘s decision making. People need to become more sensitize when it comes to dealing with persons suffering from this disease. May his soul rest in peace.

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