Police in Abaco say this want this man




  1. LOL @ Alison i thought i was the only one who noticed that. i think that is very poor. dont know who responsible for that but i think its very wrong.

    • Mr.Grocery man..he who feels it knows it…i’m not disputing the fact that crime is crime..but I will stand for what I what I know..which is..”Hitler..has been apart of this family for 26yrs..he’s humble..he’s funny,smart,helpful,and a  leader..life’s all about choices..this one ofcourse not being a good one..we are all guilty of not making the right choices when placed in difficult situations…so I ask that if you don’t know what and whom you’re talking about..if you would kindly keep your thoughts to yourself..being spoiled you said..don’t mistake it..it was good treatment because we earned and deserved it..my aunt worked hard,harder trhan any woman i’ve ever known..her kids all attended chool which was most important in our home..our education..we have all graduated…with honours..so when you call it spoiled its obviously because you weren’t granted such privileges..and that’s not a fault of my aunt’s..she worked hard and gave her kids what they deserved..when they would step out of line..she was never shy of her belt..so you don’t know the FIRST thing about anything at that…as far as her having a sister..??another accuastion..and had you or your daddy or your mother had a situation as such..with a sister who had some connections don’t you dare act as if you wouldnt call on her for some assistance..it’s called love you idiot..and yes i said idiot..because only he who speaks hear say shouldbe considered one..you….with this being said..what will be will be…and yes i would be emotional being he is apart of me and many around me..watch out for the murders,and evil ones who may take your life for a candy..who is not”hitler”..who couldnt kill a fly..yes he’s not a saint..but i’ll tell you one thing..he is not who and the police departent of Abaco..is trying to make him out to be…he is far from armed and dangerous..further more…he’s proabably more afraid of the police in abaco because of the way they brutally beat my cousin C.J..who wasnt the killer of GOd rest his soul”B”another bad choice and mixed up with people who didnt reside in abaco..so a life of a friend to C.J didnt matter to the known killers who are from Nassau ..and are walking freely..these are the things you and the entire police department should take into consideration..i cired at my cousins hospital bad..as he ached from the horrible beating form the police…which resulted in broken ribs..and cause him to pee blood..for two weeks..but what really hurt him as he spoke to me and cried to me tears from pain..”why they kill him”?..former son of grocery store onwer in abaco..if you’re reading this..I’m so sorry again for your loss..”B” was also a close friend of mine and this family..and i’m sorry so is C.J..and yes idiot..he still is in prison..while the murderers are free..so how about you sit back..but a lid on a mouth that speaks crap..you are clueless..and what will be will be..through Christ..out Lord and Saviour..with this being said..they are all apart of bad choices..but they are not killers…we cry when we see a stranger cries..they have hearts for everyone they meet…we are genuinely good people..and if you knew..C.J or Anwar  you would never write so poorly about them..the crimes are known..but the people they really are is unknown..get to know them..their cousin..Kiatra Simone..iloveyouboys..and you are continuosly in my prayers..hopefully soon and very soon..this will alll be over…and you will go on to fulfill your dreams…you are born winners..but the world and all its negativity swallowed you in..release my cousins in the name of Jesus I pray..amen..

  2. It probably  wasn’t necessary to use any word to describe his race because a picture is there…but lets not get lost in the race issue! The matter here is CRIME – right  and wrong does not come in a particular color or race! I live in a small community with Bahamians of European and African descent (is that politically correct?) and every time there is a problem or the police try questioning persons someone is sure to holla “race”…and people tend to back off because they don’t want to tear the community apart and offend people! But at the end of the day when crime destroys our community the word to describe us all will be DESTITUTE!

  3. This is a prime example of giving your children everything they want. Hitler grew up a spoiled kid and was never taught the values of earning a dollar.His brother C J (CALVIN JUNIOR) fled the U S after being wanted in connection with the famous “bandada robbers” out of Florida. This was a group of bahamian students who carried out a number of robberies in that state. His brother C J is currently detained at Her Majesty’s Prison in connection with the murder of  the son of a Grocery store owner that occured in Abaco last year.One of the reason too why the criminal element like “hitler” is so prevelent in society, is the unprecedented level of family ties in the judicial system. “Hitler’ mom is sister to a high profile magistrate whose judicial wisdom derives from the tutorage of the “BOSTWICK” chambers and everytime moms boys would get into trouble she would call on big sis who worked the closet of the broken legal system and get her boys freed…  I really wonder is C J is  detained at Her Majesty’s Prison or is he too walking around like a free bee like Dario Mills  who too is involved in that murder case…..The word on the street is “HITLER” was taken to moores island by boat, so he very well may be in Grand Bahama by now…

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