Suicide victim set himself on fire in front of Rev. King Church in Mangrove Cay Andros!

Live footage from Mangrove Cay South Andros where a man set himself on fire this afternoon.

MANGROVE CAY| A man has set himself on fire in the beautiful community of  Mangrove Cay this afternoon taking his own life.

Bahamas Press is learning a domestic incident drove a troubled mind into deep darkness tonight after he discovered he would remain lonely for a long while. 

The victim in this latest suicide incident we know is Otis Taylor, a contractor, and a restaurant and bar owner in the community. Taylor was a hard worker who was deeply industrious. 

Residents tell us, “The times are hard all across the country and loneliness is worse than COVID! People are ending their lives over foolishness and others are being driven into poverty.”

BP has learned that the victim had just pulled up near Rev. King’s Pilgrim Baptist Church when his gray Dodge Ram truck burst into flames and quickly engulfed him inside like a terrorist bomber. 

An onlooker watching the horror told BP, “The times are telling in the Bahamas and what we are witnessing is not normal. Why would such a decent soul take his own life like this? What could have driven him to the edge of the road to end his life is beyond me? We are living in perilous times and the need for prayers are very real.”

Church doors around the country should open up 24-hours to allow the faithful time of prayer. But many churches have shut their doors tight in this season of lockdown. 

We report yinner decide!

Scenes from the suicide incident in Mangrove Cay, South Andros…