Sumner and Christina Rolle sit on the PM APPOINTED Economic Recovery Committee! PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL, BAHAMAS!

Edison Sumner

NASSAU| So listen to this now: Edison Sumner, who was condemned and fined by the Securities Commission, had to resign as Chamber of Commerce president and resign as a Director of NIB, is now on the Economic Recovery Advisory Committee.

He serves on that committee with Ms. Christina Rolle, Executive Director, Securities Commission of The Bahamas! Now, Ms Rolle should know why Sumner was condemned by her Commission, hey?

You wonder if, when these people attended university, they really sat in an ethics class for their various disciplines. WHAT IS THIS?

Anyway, we ga see how this works.

I guess this is in keeping with the two judicially condemned Ministers Dames and Sands, still in Cabinet, Bennett Minnis the racist still on Water and Sewerage Board and the recently disgraced and charged Elma Campbell, still on Cable BAHAMAS board.

My goodness! Look what da CORRUPT MINNIS FNM HAS COME TO!

We report yinner decide!