Changes in Public Service – Elliston Rahming OUT Jerome Sawyer Moved!


Prison Superintendent Elliston Rahming

Nassau, Bahamas — When Bahamas Press took up the challenge to defend the Commonwealth at all costs, we knew we had signed up for a dangerous mission. We knew there were institutions and personalities, which would seek to hush our voice. We were smarter than them and today BP is one step ahead.

Some people believe they can use the Urban Renewal office for their personal political and financial benefit. They hope at the same time nothing would be said. Some believe they could commit murder and terror and nothing will be mentioned. Some thought they could rape, rob and pillage the nation and members of the WUTLESS MEDIA would not say a DAMN WORD about it. But today global readers from Russia to Pakistan to London and Canada are all reading BP and they are getting a better picture of what CROOKED and NASTY shysters are really like in the Bahamas.

Jerome Sawyer will now have plenty time to organize his pagents.

A snapshot at the car theft ring in Exuma gives a clear example of what we mean.

Readers would remember we were the first to break the news of the mass firing exercise at ZNS. While BPCOU leaders dragged their feet, the Ingraham Cabinet was sharpening the blade. We told you heads would roll and heads did drop off, some before the woodman cometh.

On Friday past, ZNS TV anchor and news editor, Jerome Sawyer, made his last rounds on the anchor set of the nightly news. He will officially be relieved of his duties as anchor today, while young Kieshla Smith is expected to take up the post.

Jerome we are told took a hefty pay cut at ZNS and may stay on as the new host to a show to be aired nightly. However, there is more to come.

Bahamas Press has learnt it is possible that the right sizing exercise may not be over just yet. We are told it is likely that some 43 more workers will go early in the New Year, and they are not alone.

Sources deep inside the OPM have advised BP on the sweeping changes slated for the public service. “ZNS was just the beginning of an overhaul that will reshape the public service as we know it,” the source said.

Anita Bernard, Secretary to the Cabinet

“You should know come early next year, the government would begin a major transformation of the Customs and Immigration departments. Both will amalgamate into a new Boarder Control Department, the Bahamian version of Homeland Security. That department will likely be headed up by a senior member of the RBPF.”

It will be in the early part of 2011 our source tell us, when the Ingraham government will begin a major shuffle with officers in the Public Service. One source tells us Permanent Secretary in the office of the PM, David Davis, is expected to replace current Secretary to the Cabinet, Anita Bernard. Bernard is set to retire at the end of the year.

Another source also said another candidate on the PM’s short list is current director of immigration, Jack Thompson, who will be reassigned following changes in his department. We are advised some Immigration officers have been handed early retirement letters already, in what will be a mass downsizing exercise in that government agency. We have yet to hear a pin drop from the BPSU President John Pinder, and we know why.

Jack Thompson alongside Acting PM Brent Symonette.

“While one member of the Police ‘high command’ will go to head up the new Boarder Control department, another is expected to become head of the new security arm at NAD. Sweeping changes on the police force will also see at least the retirement of two senior officers around the table of Elliston Greenslade come early January. And we are told a list of officers reaching the age of 55 years-old will be sent home,” the source confirmed.

Bahamas Press has learnt in early February Superintendent of Prisons, Dr. Elliston Rahming will be relieved of his duties at HR Majesty’s Prisons Service and his first assistant along with several senior wardens shall also retire in early 2011. The prison service came under a fire of scrutiny lately following BP’s exposé where a prisoner, who was serving time for armed robbery, was caught in a broad daylight drive by with civilians. The prisoner was on Rahming’s work relief programme and had abandoned his station in the east to cause trouble in the west. That prisoner was also present following the fatal shooting incident involving a local hours earlier. The prisoner was wounded in that attack.

We are told another senior officer of the Royal Bahamas Police Force is likely to take up the top job.

All in all, BP has learnt the public service will be sleek, trimmed and petite when Hubert Ingraham is done with his cuts. And so there you have it, we report…YINNER DECIDE!


    • And they continue to repeat the same thing over and over. But you know Lady, they think we don’t know who they are…LOL! All we hope is this, they one day forgive that priest in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera.


  1. BP has lost all sense of credibility.Just like blackbelt its founder this site has now become the laughing stock of the media world.

    • Yes we have, although the numbers of daily readers continue to increase “BETTY”, at least we still have you. LOL!

      We report YINNER DECIDE!


  2. Some how for sure Bahamaspress is now lost the complete disrespect of so many people. First BP used to be entertaining, with some lies. Now it is completely lies, absolute mis-truths and definitely not entertaining at all.

    • Yes we have, although the numbers of daily readers continue to increase “WILLARD”, at least we still have you. LOL!

      We report YINNER DECIDE!


    • I hope you enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL Keishla Smith tonight. Boy I don’t know why when BP say something yinner does when days for confirmation.


  3. All of these changes being made, yet still the Parliamentary Registrar despite the court’s rulings during the election courts and more recently, the bi-elections was that no voter should ever be disenfranchised. How is it that he is still allowed to remain in this position despite the irregularities and and discrepancies. Further, it is my understannding that the registration machine at the main post office has malfunctioned and has stopped the process. Will this be a taste of what to expect in the 2012 general elections. He should be removed and a successor identified.

    • The things that make ya go HMMMMMMMM Jennifer. But you are sooo right! Errol Bethel will reach the mandatory age of retirement at the beginning of next year. But the WUTLESS CROOK ain’t going no where. Like Hubert would say, “I WONDER WHY?”

      Bahamas Press/Editor

    • why Jennifer, why should he be removed, was that the order of the court?
      it is amazing how some of you are quick to hum the party’s chorus.

      I challenge you to avail yourself of all the facts surrounding the shortcomings of the Parliamentry office leading into the 2007 elections.

      I wish some of these postings came with the persons photo. because I wonder if some of you have flapping ears and ponytails!!!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  5. nah bp aint concern about that just their supposed fact as if retiring a bunch of old damn dinosaurs in the public services is not good policy just because they are “Bahiamians” an oh lets not forget its happening on the watch of PM Ingraham and the FNM so these pro PLP blowhearts g strips all tied up their u no what again bp get over it an get a life or watever u call it. this country will only get better when hard painfull finacial and social decision are made thats is for the betterment of all instead of the few old plp all for me baby crowd

  6. Lets take an ojective look at HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM’S economic policy.I term this FOOLISH policy INGRANOMICS.More civil servants retired in the midst of a recession means the government will have to cough up a SUBSTANTIAL amount in gratuity payments and pension payments.One must also remember that in 2009 NIB for the FIRST TIME in its history PAID OUT more money than it received!!!Right now banks are REFUSING to lend to any civil servant over the age of 45 any mortgage or a loan that is in the tens of thousands of dollars.Should a 45 or older civil servant obtain such a loan or mortgage the terms or conditions attached are onerous.It is these civil servants who are paying their loans that is keeping the banks profitable and thus employing workers.These public servants are keeping a BANKRUPT BEC from complete financial failure by paying their light bills.Now here comes the ALL KNOWING INGRAHAM with his VOODOO ECONOMIC POLICY WHICH IS DESIGNED TO ELIMINATE THE BLACK MIDDLE CLASS !!!Notice BTC is to be sold to foreigners,BEC will soon be MANAGED BY THE CANADIANS thus getting rid of more Bahamian professionals.After these sales by Ingraham all i can say that in 2011 mr.Ingraham will be selling NEGROES!!!

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