Sybil Strachan Primary closes down abruptly after Opposition Spokesperson Darville cites incidents of scabies on the campus! WHERE WAS THE GOVERNMENT?


Scabies take over school…


Nassau | A serious and dangerous public health scare of scabies has erupted in a public school, forcing it to close this weekend.

Ministry of Education officials announced the abrupt closure of Sybil Strachan Primary School following the outbreak.

 In the notice, Education advised that the school would remain closed on Friday 8th February and asked teachers to report to the T. G. Glover Professional Development and Research School on Horseshoe Drive during the usual school hours.

The Ministry never gave the reason for the abrupt closure nor has any announcement of the outbreak come from the WUTLESS Ministry of Health, which is charged to make sure that students and educators remain in a healthy environment! And we frankly believe the Minister of Health Duane Sands practically don’t give a damn! We gat it bad!

Back in 2015, under more competent leadership in Education and Health, the Donald Davis High School was closed after the Ministry of Health had to shut the institution down when five cases of scabies were found. But today you don’t even hear why the school is closed nor when it will open or what Health is doing to protect teachers and students in these cases. WHAT IS THIS?

The school abruptly shut down on Thursday after Opposition spokesperson on health, Senator Michael Darville, also called for the Department of Social Services and other organisations to intervene and ensure students are able to “meet the necessary hygiene standard required by the school”. 

Additionally, teachers must pay closer attention to their own environment before we reach to this point! Educators must know by now that poor hygiene in high density living conditions propagates the spread of these mites, which results in scabies. Ya know the parents don’t give a damn about they children and so you must step up and deal with them appropriately!

And when we joe public was ga know if Opposition Spokesperson on Health Michael Darville didn’t say something? What kinda town is this the FNM Government is running?

We report yinner decide!