Tax ducking and dropping moneybags is the game played by Digicel to rake Bahamian dollars out of the Bahamas!


Digicel cannot be awarded the second telecommunications license and we ga tell yinner why!

Digicel chairman Denis O’Brien: will have received nearly all of the dividend of $10 million paid by the company in the first quarter. Photograph: Swoan Parker/Reuters

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press has become very aware of the character behind this Digicel machine and we are determine to warn the Christie Government not to engage the company in second telecommunication license set to be awarded to one of three companies.

Mr. Christie clearly outlined in the Parliament during the transparent process that the selected company must be expected to have the widest possible Bahamian ownership involvement in its structure. Clearly Digicel does not apply when it comes to that demand.

But in our latest findings of the character behind Digicel, we have uncovered how Mr. Denis O’Brien loves ducking taxes or paying his fair share. And get this:

Since the launch of Digicel, Mr O’Brien has become a resident of Malta to save on capital gains tax on investments. Prior, he became a resident of Portugal, to evade $55million in Irish taxes.

And from our deep investigative research, which no other media outlet will dig into, Mr. O’Brien has a history of skirting legal procedure.

How? Well in 2011, an official Irish Tribunal of Inquiry, found that in 1995 he had bribed the then communications minister in order to receive the country’s second cellular license.

O’Brien paid the minister the equivalent of – GET THISUSD$723,000 in Irish pounds, backed a loan for the minister amounting $645,000 and donated $50,000 to the minister’s political party in return for the minister delivering the license to Esat Digifone, O’Brien’s first telecoms company which laid the foundation of his current wealth and status.

Bahamas Press will be watching these developments and all we ga say is this – from our own research – DIGICEL is already out!

We report yinner decide!