Taxi Driver and Former Cabinet Minister robbed at gunpoint as crime escalates in the Bahamas


Former Cabinet Minister Leslie Miller robbed.

Nassau, Bahamas — If you believe you are safe in your home and crime is not an issue to be concerned about, then you better read this article and take a serious look again.

A taxi driver told us of his harrowing experience while traveling on the streets of Nassau just this past Monday.

Recounting his near-death experience the Atlantis station cabbie said he was traveling on Soldier Road Monday night when suddenly robbers racing in cars pulled up to him.

“The first car cut me off on Soldier Road just a few blocks nearby the Texaco station. As that driver blocked me in the front, another blocked my car in the back. I was trapped, ambushed as my life flashed before me.

“The driver in the front car then jumped out brandishing a hand gun walked over to my window and demanded cash. I only had a $100 note and I passed that to him while looking down the barrel of a glock.

“All I could see was my life before me; my wife and children crying over my dead body. The thought was chilling as I was forced to put my head between my legs and ordered to count to 100. I believed I counted to 1000 before I moved an inch. I was terrified!”

The taxi driver however, could be heard giving thanks for small mercies as he said. “Night are no longer the way for me in dangerous Nassau. Could you imagine the damage these thugs are reeking on our tourism product in this already tough economy? We are in trouble!”

A similar event was repeated on a former Cabinet Minister, Leslie ‘Potcake’ Miller, who had to flee for his life as he was held at gunpoint and robbed early one morning after deciding to go for a jog.

The Potcake was left shaking like a reed, but he was alive to tell the story.

On Harbour Island, crime in the community is so bad, sources on the ground report 85% of the homes on the island have been ransacked without any sign of receding. And if you are in the Blue Hills community according to a resident, housebreaking is the fasting ground profession in the Bahamas outside prostitution.

Bahamians are not working, crime is on the rise, residents lights and water are off, workers at Breezes are going home for two months this week, and Papa gone fishing.

We are in trouble!


  1. The main problem with our unaddressed illegal immigration problem is that the perpetrators are unknown and untraceable, since neither their fingerprints, criminal records nor M/O’s are a part of our criminal database.

    If the early Tuesday morning meetings of the Prime Minister and Commissioner of Police are not focused on how to alleviate the root of criminal activities emenating from this desperate group of souls who have no legal means of maintaining their jifestyles in The Bahamas then they are both wasting precious time.

    From the hundreds of Dominican and Jamaican prostitutes walking the streets with valid stamped passports to the 37 Haitian shanty villages in Nassau alone where hundreds of high-powered weapons are siock-piled, it is clear to even Blind Blake that Law Enforcement has been suspended in The Bahamas.

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