TCI HOTTEST COUPLE – BP's Midweek Entertainment, Enjoy!


Bahamas Press is getting ready to launch its video clips of comedy. Some people will not read, but lyrics and pictures will certainly do the trick. Get ready Christie and Ingraham, You’ll be NEXT!

Oh and by the way, to those candidates who are ready for the next general elections in the Bahamas, please listen good to this song, for some will hear it like a scorched record BLASTING them from their once safe seat! ENJOY!


  1. I must comment on the editor of the TCI Sun’s article regarding the issuance of Belonger Stamp by the immigration.
    Where individuals fraudulently try and are successful in obtaining their Belonger status, prosecute them.
    Where individuals have a legitimate right to acquire Belonger status by decent, they should not be denied, discouraged and frustrated.
    I know many Bahamians who can and should apply for Belonger status as at least one of their parents was born in the Turks & Caicos Islands.  They qualify for Belonger Status by decent.  The laws of the land support this.
    Boyce is only trying to antagonize and create a rift between the good people of the Turks & Caicos Islands and the Bahamas. Need we remind him that more TCI Belongers and descendant live in the Bahamas than the entire population of the TCI. Need we remind him that his current wife lived and went to school in Grand Bahama, Bahamas. 
    I refer to the 2000 TCI Poverty Assessment Report September 2000 –$File/TCI_Main_CPA_Report2000.pdf      
    THIS REPORT SHOULD ALERT THE NATION AS TO WHICH ISSUES THEY SHOULD BE FOCUSING ON IN THIS COUNTRY. THIS REPORT IS ALMOST 10 YEARS OLD Haydon wife was the only female called before the recent TCI Commission of Inquiry and my face procussicion in short order !!!

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