Teacher’s car stolen by student at Government High School by student!


Student should have been made a national example

The gates at GHS – File Photo.

Nassau – Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms a serious problem with security assigned to the Government High School.

We are learning that a student attending the school stole the keys of a teacher and drove off out of the campus with the educator’s vehicle.

We understand it took police some three-weeks before they spotted the stolen vehicle parked outside a home near the area of the school.

Ministry officials have kept the report under raps and it is still unclear if the student has been punished or charged with stealing.

With the stress teachers face on a daily basis how a student drove a whole vehicle out of the GHS walled yard without being detected by security speaks volumes.

That child and the parents at the home should be made national examples. But in this community of cover-up and shady deals it is no telling what we are becoming.

We report yinner decide!