Ten new cases of COVID-19 already reported in the Atlantis on Paradise Island…


Why yinner think everyone quiet about this? Will Bahamians be blamed again for this third wave?

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Someone outside the Government of the Bahamas is making one hell of a-lot a money on the Travel Visa and PCR tests.

NASSAU| Just days after the country’s mega resort ATLANTIS reopened its doors to the public a rise in COVID-19 infections have already been reported.

Atlantis reopened its doors with huge bookings for the holidays but team BP can confirm widespread transmission of coronavirus cases has already been confirmed. 

We can confirm that at least 10 Casino employees have already tested positive for the deadly virus and that number is rapidly increasing. 

Atlantis Casino reopened with risky COVID-19 protocol adherence where right now the casino has relaxed the use of masks. 

Atlantis was the very property which attempted to restrict taxi drivers from operating at the door, demanding that they test every seven days. The property also restricted access for Bahamians, suggesting that the natives seeking to dine would not be allowed or welcomed! They always wanted that!

Well, BP has come to report and tell yinner that the Atlantis bubble has already burst and the rate of infections deep inside the resort and among the staff is increasing!

Meanwhile, we know 10 employees in the Casino have tested positive. However what we have no clue about is how many guests, since arriving into the country, have tested positive for the virus!

Health is silent on the matter. Atlantis is quiet and, well, the wutless media in the Bahamas is where ya put me. 

BP is on the job, though, live at the Atlantis Casino Black Table, spinning dice in our space suit!

We report yinner decide!