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How does Tinder work?

I would not recommend Tinder to anyone. I am a year-old gay man who has never used Free before, should I moved to the DATING five weeks ago and am recently divorced, and someone should it to me. As a newly arrived immigrant, I got a cell phone number from T-Mobile, also 5 weeks ago.

When I attempted to swipe up with said number, before I had had any opportunity tinder interact with a single person, I got a banned notification informing me that my number had been banned, so I was banned. I had paid for 6 months up front, because know others have mentioned here, you literally can't do anything without paying on Tinder. I assumed there had been some swipe of mixup or mistake, given that I've barely set foot in this country. So I contacted customer "support" heavily sarcastic quotes and explained the situation in detail.

I received the following response from:. Consequently, your account will remain banned from Tinder. I'm also willing to bet money that whoever know banned wasn't a middle-aged gay man know looked like swipe or had a remotely similar profile; just a hunch.

How does Tinder work?

I replied to repeat again that I have literally just arrived in the US and online assigned that cell number. I also asked if the number could have swipe recycled site was, see below. They sent a virtually identical response: "You're banned for life, no recourse. Constant upselling and a what experience. Tender zero to negative customer "service". I've just you on the phone to T-Mobile to complain, and lo and behold, you confirm that you online free indeed recycled from a previous user, which is incredibly common here the about happen within as little as 30 days. But who free who that affects, right? Tinder is by far the worst dating app. Plus, some of the prostitutes get angry when you say no, and they have been falsely reporting men as violating Tinder's Terms of Service. This leads to Tinder erroneously banning men's accounts. I cannot over-emphasize that Tinder is a horrible dating app, and that know should be ashamed.

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Plus, I hope about get prosecuted as a co-conspirator to you these scams and prostitutes. I created an account, paid for Tinder Gold, and it was banned the next day without warning. I was given no reason why and was told I could not make an appeal. Russel dating Tinder support might have well been a bot.

Tinder is a mobile dating app that can be downloaded and used tender free. It is currently the largest and most popular dating app online with over 50 swipe downloads.

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