Terror rocks Sandilands as gunfire rings out on hospital grounds and a patient lays dead!


Sandilands shooting victims records the 82nd homicide for the year….

Homicide #82 at Sandilands this morning.

Nassau – Police have responded to a shooting incident that has left a man dead on the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre grounds.

The victim was shot multiple times about the body and succumbed to his injuries on the government property.

We at BP understand the incident unfolded after the victim was about to leave the facility for physiotherapy when a black vehicle pulled up on him and opened fire. A chase onto the grounds followed where the victim was riddled with bullets multiple times about his body.

Police have not identified the victim to us, but, according to a nurse at the facility, “This has been a most traumatizing incident. On the government property of a centre where persons come for treatment having a murder committed – this is ridiculous. It is not getting any better.”

Bahamas Press wonders whether Sandilands has any kind of emergency evacuation programme in the event of a terrorist incident. Suppose this gun battle situation had resulted in multiple injuries to patients, doctors and nurses? What is the plan?

We report yinner decide!