T.G.Glover, Bahamian contractor with foreign workers



Whilst thousands of Bahamians lineup out of work and thousands more leave school seeking jobs across this country, Bahamian contractors see the need to bring in foreign construction labourers. Whether EPA or CSME the future of The Bahamas for the next generation died with Sir Cecil Wallace Withfield and Sir Lynden Pindling. The dreamers of the New Bahamas are passed on, and so did their vision for country. ‘A NATION FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!’ The above photo is the scene of scores of Asian construction workers at the T. G. Glover School now under construction in Oakes Field.


  1. Before you shoot off your mouth, check out who is the “BAHAMIAN” contractor who has the contract for this school!!! Clean your own door step first.

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