Where are the Health Inspectors? Who Protecting Us?



John Chea #8 on Carmichael Road.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press accept now the ‘WUTLESS MEDIA‘ in The Bahamas would be for days now focusing on the BUDGET, whilst the poor continue to get poisoned and get sick in this country. On Thursday afternoon we were alerted to visit this food store – John Chea #8 on Carmichael Road – by area residents to see for ourselves the conditions under which Bahamians are buying food. Now here is a food store whose prices appear like everyone else, EXTREMELY HIGH! But what we came across was just UNBELIEVABLE. Mortar, concrete, hanging wires and just a thin piece of plastic separated bread on the shelves and the open meat sections from the area inside the store that is under construction. Now we ask, WHO COULD BE ALLOWING THIS STORE TO BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC?


2) The dust and mortar and concrete, bread and raw meat are all mixed together for sale.

3) The store is a two story structure, therefore who will PAY for an accident if someone is hurt whilst shopping ?

THIS IS INCREDIBLE? HOW CAN THE BAHAMAS BE SO LAWLESS! Not only price control is not checking the items, but the LAZY health inspection department cannot care what happen to people who frequent this store.


  1. I went there last week. I went looking for a dust pan but they were out. Instead I bought a small packet of cheese nips. I discovered that the packet was covered in dust. I mean really dusty once I got outside into the sunlight. The same time I picked up the nips a Chinese builder emerged from behind the plastic. I wonder if they all have work permits even. From the time this story was posted no Official must have visited the store. Its business as usual for John Chea.

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