The Backside RAPE of Bahamians by BTC/LIME BAHAMAS Continues!

Marlin Johnson - VP of Marketing at BTC

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press had intended to stay out of the BTC fight against the working poor in the Bahamas, but what transpired last week forced us to come out with a baseball bat swinging.

News surfaced in the media how BTC has decided to make a request of URCA to allow charges for a $0.35 cents fee to customers making calls to operator services. Now this comes following the plan, now in motion, to let go hundreds of Bahamians and ship jobs to Jamaica.

Calling an operator in the Bahamas is a near impossible task already, therefore, the idea to now charge for the service after making three calls into the room, proves that BTC/LIME BAHAMAS is the new criminal standing on the bus stop with a bible in its hand ready to rob some innocent bystander.

BTC’s Marketing VP, Marlin Johnson, issued a press statement over the weekend attempting to deflect the proposed plan by stating that there is no decision to introduce the charge to customers immediately. Johnson came from in the back of the bush with his spin hoping what Jones Communication news team reported would not resonate with the public.

The decision to charge Bahamians another dime for telephone services in HIGHWAY ROBBERY! WE CANNOT TAKE IT ANY MORE!


Hubert Ingraham and his G-String wearing sympathizers sold the National Asset, in a repeated chorus confirming how BTC will not raise rates and that we will get more for less! As the backside rape on Bahamians continue by the corporation, not a DAMN FNM could find their voice to protest the hikes! THEY HAVE NO DAMN SHAME!

Additionally, we would like BTC to address this vexing problem of all these UK lottery scams that are now being text to cell phone subscribers everyday.

Since Cable and Wireless took over BTC, the nagging text messages by scam artists have accelerated and proves that private numbers of locals have been exchanged behind the backdoor. We detest this and hope when the company is returned back into the hands of Bahamians, a Royal Commission will explore the question as to how did so many UK based scammers got a hold of locals private numbers.

And despite all these text messages by crooks and banditos, BTC LIME has yet to warn residents that the messages are not legit. But then again that would be like the robber calling the murderer a criminal.

BP would also like for someone in BTC to explain, how is it if Cable and Wireless came to reduce cellphone costs, Why can’t anyone purchase a $20 phone card for $15.99? When will someone answer that?

The Free National Movement Government told Bahamians the service at BTC was atrocious and that our country men and women were too DUMB and STUPID to operate a telephone company. They approved work permits for the entire new management team of Cable and Wireless to run BTC and sold the company for pennies.




  1. deep deep up his arse, so deep ” he done pass his small intestines”,and he sounds like he’s going deeper. Kick out C and W /Lime

  2. SMT, what I don’t understand is how they are still charging folks in Cat Island for phone services that they are not using. The phones there have been off for at least a month and they have the audacity to send my grandmother a bill for rental! This entire country has gone to the dogs and no one seems to have a solution for the better. It is good that Nassau is not that big and I can still drive to those individuals I want to speak to if BTC decides to start charging for all this foolishness, it may take me half a day to get there with the state of the roads but hey everythings already going downhill anyways. I wish a politician would come to my door this election begging for my vote, none of them need waste their time.

  3. BTC back in the hands of Bahamians? Negro please! The reason BTC is the way it is now is because it was all Bahamian. Who cares about operator services? Are you serious? This is what happens when media makes news out of no news. I’ll be willing to pay 10.00 for operator services once the company stays out Bahamian hands especially the older generation with their lack of education and vision. Hell, half of our government can’t even speak proper English and refuse to learn. Let’s not even talk about a computer let alone technology with these Bahamian elders in charge….

    • Spoken like a man bound to stay young and live forever…..

      The reason BTC was “the way it was”(sic)is because of government/political meddling and interference.

      And now that it IS privatised, the scales will fall from your eyes once LIME screws you out of every loose dime you have, and you really DO have to pay $10.00 for operator assistance.

      (When you say Bahamian elders, do you mean like,..natives? You know… village or tribal elders?)

    • @Edicated Youth.. Personally I think that your reply is stupid and hopefully it doesn’t reflect the person that you are.. It is because of you and people like you that our society will never be any better.. There are many hard working, extremely intelligent Bahamians out there, that are more than willing and capable of doing any job.. Now the fact that you think that a foreigner should run our country is ludicrous and think that all in all… you are pretty stupid yourself for suggesting it… And your spelling is atrocious you should go back and do a few more years in school..

  4. This is disgusting. And as I type my land line that is paid in full is off. The phone keeps going off. It goes in and out a few times a day. And when I try to text someone sometimes it doesn’t go thru. I thought it was just my phones, but when I got hold of family/friends they said they weren’t able to text either. Is there nothing that works in this damn country?!

  5. wait until they start charging between exchanges, just get ready for that and when the competition comes in and you will have to pay more to call a customer on the BTC-LIME network. BP, these people are living like kings, they work around the company and talk to Bahamians any way the see fit. we have become third class citizens and workers in such a short time. and you know whats so hurtful, we have Bahamians perpetrating this fraud. It started out from the PM and down to the Cabinet, so if they charge a million dollars, I don’t care at this moment, when we were out there protesting for what we believe in , we were branded as thugs and criminals by Tommy T, where was the outrage then, I want BTC-LIME to stick it the Bahamian customers ,ask all the street vendors and all the contract vendors that had business with BTC-LIME, they had to reduce cost by 20-30 %. And this new company is laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to HAI and all the cronies.

  6. Time for BTC to get a crew to Abaco to fully restore the land line service. Its been more than a month since hurricane Irene and phones are still out…and BTC ‘een checkin! They tricky now…just want us to spend all our money buying phone cards! Its obvious that C&W doesn’t know what to do after a natural disaster because it did not take this long to get service restored after Floyd and Frances and Jeanne way back when!!

  7. You damm right I am angry as to how did the scammers got my private number. I received two tex in one night telling me that I have won two set of monies as my number was picked at random and tha I had won 1.6 million pounds. I did infact dealt with the international fraud Dept. who promised to investigate. Those who invaded my privacy has no damm shame and should be prosecuted.

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