The beaches will be closed by the bars and house parties will be on this Independence…

Montaqu Beach

Dear Editor,

I hope the public is seeing what I am seeing. The Prime Minister refuses to do away with the Emergency Powers which gives him full control of this country and whatever we do as a people. 

Everything, basically, is opened back up and the number of those who contracted COVID has slowed to a stop, so why are we still under EMERGENCY Powers? It makes no sense. 

Are we slowly on our way to dictatorship? That’s the question that we need to answer. From what I am hearing from angry FNM supporters, their leader does not listen to anyone’s suggestions, does not take advice from his advisors, and is basically a one-man-band.

What he says goes and if you dare to oppose him, he cuts you down in your tracks. That right there is the first sign of a dictator in the making. 

Now a holiday weekend is coming up and he shows himself off by locking down the beaches and forbidding Bahamian citizens from the one FREE thing they still have access to: the beach.

The bar rooms will be open, restaurants will be open, people having massive parties, but the beaches will be closed. Insanity at its worst!!!!

PM Minnis soon tell yall how he ga cancel Junkanoo.

Please find election day quick and RING THE BELL!!! This man has got to go! He is, without doubt, the worst prime minister this country has ever had. He has no respect for anyone; he has his Cabinet members terrified of the consequences if they cross him, and he does not think he is answerable to the people of The Bahamas. 

Let’s get together, PLPs and FNMs, and show this man that we are his boss.

Away with him!! Away with him!! 


Sick and tired of Minnis in The Bahamas