The best kept secret is in Inagua, but Tourism officials don't know that yet?



It is a sad day in this country when we see the people who should be selling the products of The Bahamas around the world, don’t have a clue of what exist in the country. Ministry of Tourism officials went to Inagua this week to view the natural habitat of that island. Bahamas Press highlighted a few months ago a sarcastic ad running in Europe which read a tag line, “The Islands of the Bahamas, nothing to do!”

Bahamas Press denounce the stupidity emanating out of that ministry when we discovered the ad and wondered, why so much IGNORANT persons reside in the office of the Number ONE industry in the country. The ministry is charged with inviting persons from around the world to come to these islands, yet they are beaming around the universe that here in The Bahamas, there is nothing to do.

Then here comes this trip to Inagua, where the Director General said, she never knew Inagua had so much natural wild life existing in the same ecosystem.

Oh well, and so members of the Ministry of Tourism, loaded their team went to the southern part of this country to witness what tourist were telling them existed in The Bahamas for decades. They viewed the many birds, saw flamingos in their natural habitat and saw running for the first time, the scores of wild donkeys.

Well, from the Bahamas Press perspective when it comes to the wild donkeys, we were also surprise, as we saw them in yellow shirts for the first time speaking English.

Now we see why Tourism allowed this kind of commercial sound bite to be played.