The Bethel Coalition Set to Oppose the Sale of BTC in the Parliament


Carl Wilshire Bethel - FNM Chairman opposes the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless. file photo

Nassau, Bahamas – For once Carl Wilshire Bethel has sided with the Bahamian people and according to sources in the FNM will oppose the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless.

Bethel, the once dissenting voice in PAPA’s Cabinet is proving he is “PLENTY MAN” these days as he moves to reclaim his political status.

What is being termed the newly formed “Bethel Coalition” inside the FNM, recently held a town meeting in the Sea Breeze constituency to canvass support against Papa’s push to sell BTC.

Sources reveal Bethel has been having secret meetings with certain key FNM Members of Parliament, who are mutually opposed to the sale and they are planning a way to turn back the sale in hopes of saving their seats come 2012.

The Bethel Coalition seems to be on the move, and with it being apparent that PAPA is weak at this time, some of those who fear loosing come 2012 are seeking to capitalize on winning favor back with the people.

With political ears close to the ground a source in the FNM tell us, “Word on the street that the FNM is double-doomed once PAPA and Vargo pulls the trigger with this sale to C&W. We will not just get a ROYAL CUT_YOU_KNOW_WHAT BP, but we believe FNM MPs will have serious turbulent bowels movements for the rest of our political lives. The NDP may obtain the new status as the opposition voice in the country and the PLP would look at another long track of 25-year rule with the CDR. PAPA really “FOC_US” this time.”


    • Well I never did like Carl “tangerine skin” Bethel….but this will be 1 brownie point he gets from me….4 more to go to get in my good books.

  1. Teach1 thank you for sharing the link as it justifies why the workers at BTC are afraid and willing to fight for their jobs.Obviously there are too any advisors to the present Govt who are giving advice but not beneficial to the Govt or we its guinea pigs.Empirical

  2. Media, you dam right…i forgot the other collateral damages they done do to the bahamian people…they will win 8 seats either way. You are absolutely correct!!!!

  3. Mr. Bethel, i commend you for using your vertebrae to stand up like a MAN, instead of slithering on the ground like a paralysed SNAKE. Mark these words…if this sale goes to completion, the FNM will win 8 seats in the next general election. SlaughterHOUSE will be the word FOR THE next election…..

  4. BOY YA REALLY AINT PASS NOTHYIN TILL YA DEAD!!!! I really counted Carl for dead, but there may be some brethe left in him yet. I hope he doesn’t jack this up like he did Education especially BTVI.

    • Boy I tell ya you cannot put a count on a dead man eh? Bethel looks like on this one he will raise from the “Political Graveyard”.


  5. The rumblings are turning into an avalanche and if PAPA continues the bill proposed to sell BTC will suffer a crushing defeat just like the referendum of 2002.Thus far two prominent FNMs seem to be opposite PAPA and this is not good for him.As it now stands PAPA either puts up or shut up and resign as FNM party Leader to at least give some of the younger members of his party a chance to survive politically.Way to go Carl at least you have balls unlike many in the FNM Parl group.

  6. LATE AGAIN!! it’s a little to late buffoon; you should of stand up like a man when Hubert fried your *** on the convention floor.Don’t worry,”HOPE” got your back.When he (Carl) stand up in the house and look Ingraham squarely in the eye and speak against him I might believe him then, because Carl ain’t only a clown; he’s **** .Further that crew he call coalition,is the FNM of yester-year:they can’t win nothing.

  7. Carl my dear boy Carl

    HOPE has made your chances HOPELESS – Lol!

    Music – “Lay down my dear brother. Lay down and take your rest. Lay your head upon the Saviour’s breast. (NOT SURE WHO) ______ loves you, but Jesus loves you best. Sea Breeze bids you good night….good night….good night!”

  8. hon. carl bethel can never say anything to me. dedmond bannister made him look like a fool in edu. carl – going nowhere

    • Henchman why you think now Papa didn’t bring the BTC bill to the Parliament. Talking bout the deal ain’t finalize? It ain’t finalize alright cause all his Parliamentary team members are not on board. Ingraham knows Christie and his team have the numbers to shame him in Parliament if he table a vote on the matter. Here is a clear example where Christie is far more organized against Hubert. BRING THE BILL INGRAHAM IF YA BAD, BRING IT MONDAY MORNING FOR A VOTE!


  9. Despite his recent setbacks, Mr. Bethel remains one of our youngest and most experienced politicians.He has the right to take any position he see’s fit. I am sure that he has weighed the consequences but, he really has nothing to lose. The PM has seen to this.Remember, Sir. Winston Churchill changed his mind and left the Conservatives for the Liberals then returned to the Conservatives and had many setbacks in between. Yet he emerged from the political wilderness to become one of Britain’s greatest leaders.We must also consider why the PM chose to dispose of Mr. Bethel in the first place.
    Was he incompetent? theres nothing to suggest this or, did Mr. Bethel refuse to be a yes man and posed a threat to Mr. Ingraham’s leadership?


    No matter what the skully wag can drum up, it will not get him back in a better position than he had prior to his demotion. He should have shut his mouth and held on to that cabinet seat longer. He has lost all measure of respect since HAI had viciously seared off whatever manhood he had left.

    I dont anticipate seeing him elected in the upcoming election. In fact, this move is a key indicator that his political life is in big trouble.

  11. Seeing that it is becoming more an more aparent that some FNM’s are not with the assine issues beeing forced ont the Bahamian public…..I believe Hubbie is trying to cause as much confusion as possible with the hope off slipping off into oblivion and leaving the Bahamas once again into the hands off “you know who”?…….The white man Mr. Deputy, who will then becom P/M constitutionaly and making his “son” Vargo the new Deputy…for beeing loyal to the cause or “COST” to hte Bahamian populice…….
    “Well Muddo’ I was shock to hear they gat a fadder an son team in the goverment…..We are in for a hard ride if we stop trusting in God.

  12. FNM MPs stand up and be counted!! Have some guts and integrity show yourselves as real men and not a bunch of women. Stand up and fight the good fight and get some respect. Say NO to BTC’s deal. This is the only way to save your party!!!

  13. The cabinet of HAI and the members of Parliament for the FNM seem to forget something: HI is only powerful because they give him power. Yes, constitutionally, he can fire them, prorogue the House, call elections, appoint the Police Commissioner, etc, but all of that power is worthless if he has no followers. If your report is true, Carl must realize that there will be serious collateral damage to the entire FNM if this deal were to go through. It will be worst than 2002 when HAI became the most hated man in this country. It comes a time in life, when you have to fight to be a man, when you have to get up from your knees and stop treating another human being (one who goes to the bathroom just like you do, and who is born of a woman) as some type of God. There is only one God Carl, and he does not sit in the Bahamian Parliament. Stop worshiping Tin Gods and Iron Men!!!

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