The CDR announces Arnold Forbes for Mt Moriah…Cabinet Announcement Pending


Nassau, Bahamas — The CDR has given Arnold Forbes the nod as the next standard bearer for the PLP in the Mt. Moriah Constituency for the upcoming General Elections. Forbes if successful will takeout the sitting Minister of National Security, Tommy Turnquest.

Junkanoo came alive at Gambier House upon hearing the announcement last evening with constituents calling for Tommy to begin packing his bags.

Bahamas Press’ field marshals are already on the ground in the constituency and are assessing the candidate we will endorse for that area. No candidate has yet been endorsed by BP.

While the CDR is making its announcement, sources in the OPM have confirmed to BP a major Cabinet announcement is pending by the Ingraham led government. We can confirm the Cabinet is actively meeting on a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT and will be wrapping up matters this Sunday. We await to hear what Ingraham’s quiet silence since returning from South Africa has matured for Bahamians.


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