By Fredrick Mitchell/ Chairman

The Bahamian people are witnessing chaos within the ranks of the FNM and Prime Minister Minnis’ failed leadership has forced this government to collapse.

Dr. Minnis continues to take every opportunity to attack PLP Leader, Hon. Philip Brave Davis. During his recent 2021-2022 Budget contribution in Parliament, rather than just be transparent as to how bad things really are in the country and inspire hope with a realistic recovery road map, Dr. Minnis spent a significant amount of time talking about the PLP. In fact, he held and highlighted a PLP press statement during his presentation.

While Dr. Minnis remains obsessed with the PLP and our leader has him running scared, it is those within his own FNM ranks who are exposing his dictator-like ways, poor management skills, uncaring approach to governance, and petty selfish motives.

In the past few days, FNM parliamentarians have told the nation why Dr. Minnis is not fit to lead. The member for Seabreeze confirmed that the FNM is stained with a bully culture. She gave us a glimpse of what it is like to be a woman in the ranks of a Dr. Minnis led FNM.

The Pineridge MP reiterated the failings, missteps, and petty minded instincts of the man who now serves as our prime minister.

The member for Fort Charlotte told Parliament and the Bahamian people of Dr.Minnis’ disrespectful behaviour and dismissive decorum and the MP for Elizabeth has exposed Dr. Minnis’ 2021-2022 Budget for what it really is – a doctrine of false hope that misrepresents the state of our economy and the burdens this and future generations will have to shoulder.

Dr. Minnis need not be so consumed with the PLP. Members of his executive team who also represent and speak for the rank and file of the FNM made a compelling case on behalf of the people: The FNM government is in chaos and Dr. Minnis has failed his party and our country.