The Coalition of the WILLING set to keep the Minnis FNM OUT!


Hubert Minnis failed to remember how Rodney Moncur was appointed a Justice of the Peace and Senator by his party!

Justice of the Peace Rodney Moncur on his last visit with former PM Hubert Minnis at the OPM.

Nassau| Last week former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis upstaged his leader Michael Pintard once again in Parliament to stay relevant in a changing political climate.

The man who the Nassau Guardian noted was the “Worst Prime Minister in the history of the Bahamas” and who we described as “A Liar” decided to take last week to attack talk show host Rodney Moncur in the lower house.

Minnis, in his usually uncouth style, decided to question the contract of the Justice of the Peace Moncur.

Now let’s put this in context. Here is a man (MINNIS) who refuses to answer world lending institutions like the IMF and the WORLD Bank on his spending of some $252 Million in pandemic funds in the runup to his final days in office.

Here is a former Prime Minister Minnis who had no records or systems to account for his authorization to spend $54 million on a food programme. NO ACCOUNTING or record keeping.

A fired PM who still cannot account for the OBAN FILES, which only BP now knows who has them. And a PM who paid Disaster Relief contracts to the tune of some $400,000 and $300,000 each month to his operatives to watch garbage on Abaco.

This same man now questions the salary of Rodney Moncur? This is amazing!

He asks what qualifies JP Moncur to be a “Violence Interrupter”? Mind you, this is the same Rodney Moncur who former PM Hubert Ingraham had all confidence in to exercise legal research for his administration and appointed him a Justice of the Peace in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas! And Hubert Minnis sat in the Cabinet of the Bahamas when that appointment was advanced for Cabinet Approval. PLPs must remind Minnis of this!

This is the same Rodney Moncur who for the past 30 plus years has lead political activism exercises for the FNM and his Black Village community.

This is also the same Rodney Moncur (Da J.P.) whom the Free National Movement Leader at the time presented credentials before the Queen’s Representative Dame Marguerite to appoint him a Senator in January 2017. But now you question his appointment to fight crime? This is amazing! How you forgot this Minnis?!

But in case readers forgot, here were the words of former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis as he defended the appointment of Convicted Criminal Omar Archer as Construction Registrar in the Ministry of Works back in October 3rd, 2018 as recorded by Genea Noel of Eyewitness News.

“As for Omar Archer, isn’t he a Bahamian like everyone else, is he not entitled to work, is he not entitled to eat, is he not entitled to sleep?,”  Minnis asked.

“They questioned mine, too, so that is nothing new. They question everybody’s – that’s nothing new.”

Minnis and most Bahamians forget how that appointment of an $80,000 annual salary for Archer forced the resignation of the former Bahamas Contractors Association (BCA) president Leonard SandsSands, by the way, also resigned from the FNM and expressed his displeasure over Acher’s appointment.

FNMs witnessed the most brutal destruction of their party following the final portion of the term of Minnis which saw multiple Cabinet resignations from Symonette to Turnquest to Rolle and Sands.

And the distancing of many senior members and loyal foot soldiers of the party like former BPL Chairman, Darnell Osbourne just to name a few, following the lies and deception delivered by Minnis on the people.

Today many of these people have formed into the political base of what we now describe as THE COALITION OF THE WILLING who are prepared to not just block Minnis but make sure he stays far from the reins of power in this country.

Minnis is the gift that keeps giving to the PLP and, as long as hardcore FNMs remain blind to this, a second term for the PLP is clearly in view!

We ga report and let yinner decide!