The Cows and LIVESTOCK set to go starving again as Government Feed Mill runs out a food!


A BP MORNING REPORT >>> Such a travesty had not happened since Christie was Minister of Agriculture in the Pindling Government!

Cows could go starving once again as Government Feed Mill on Gladstone Road runs out of feed.

Farmers in Nassau cannot buy feed at the mill on Gladstone Road – But Christie Dem promising BAMSI? What in da hell is dis?

“The cows are starving in Andros and Nassau” – Here we go again!

Nassau, Bahamas — You know something? You just gatta love the Christie Regime for what they say, ya know? Great Talkers they are. Big High-minded Dreamers! Dream Sellers – das dem!

Just this week the leadership of the Regime was in North Andros, selling horse manure and starving cow dung to the people of North Andros.

They say BAMSI [which sounds more like FLAMSY] will be the thing that saves the nation and putsn the Bahamas on an economic footing to turn the country in the right direction.

Prime Minister Christie was again in Andros yesterday, selling away his dreams on that project.  Also there was the Deputy Prime Minister and VICEROY, just a day before, making the people of North Andros believe in that big dream.

And while they tell us farming ga take off under their watch, Thursday morning the news hit livestock farmers like a baseball hitting a bat at 100 miles an hour: farmers in Nassau found out the feed ran out at the mill on Gladstone Road.

Now imagine that! They say they will build a major institution for farming in Andros, but cannot help feed the livestock now in the country? Selling Dreams 2.0.

This is incredible. Incredible because we also found out this week that BAMSI/FLAMSI, or whatever the name is, will now need 7 to 8 million dollars more to complete.

Now something cannot be right here. Millions are being pumped in right now to build something in Andros, while, right here in Nassau, farmers cannot buy feed from the mill?

Boy, das what we call SELLING DREAMS 2.0.

What yinner think ga happen now?

I could hear the song being played all over again, “The cows are starving in Andros and now this time in Nassau”.

As we say, “Boy, I tell ya, if ya don’t laugh you will cry!”

We report yinner decide!


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