The dead loaded on a truck in Abaco as mass casualties reported on the passage of Hurricane Dorian

The corpse of Hurricane Dorian victims in Abaco loaded on a flatbed vehicle.

ABACO| Deceased victims of Hurricane Dorian being loaded on flatbed trucks across Abaco.

PM Hubert Minnis claims the RBPF has confirmed five deaths, however, sources on the ground tell us bodies are being collected all across Abaco this afternoon.

We believe there are more victims than five.

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    • Why? Its life or death there right now! People on the Main Land need to see this. They need to understand the severity of the situation. The US censors too much, people are desensitized!! I literally was told yesterday, “it’s not effecting me, I don’t give a f*ck!” that’s the mentality in the US.

      • Not true sir. Every single person I know is organizing Aid to be sent to your country. We have Military on standby and as soon as we can get it, you’ll see our response shortly. Nobody can do anything right now, the storm is still on top of you.

      • You are quite mistaken Danielle Reyes. The Americans are helping you in ways you will never be aware of, -starting with the forecasting of the storm, so you could best prepare! Yes, we DO give a F*ck, as you so eloquently say. But I understand you are suffering from this catastrophe, and it’s easier to lash out at the person who is near you, trying to help you. Try to curb your tongue- it fosters anger and hatred, which we don’t need in this devastating circumstance. Do YOUR part and try to help someone else, rather than posting vulgar pictures that are not productive for anyone. The storm is STILL spinning- what do you expect. Most people do their best- and yes, there are haters who don’t care. Don’t be one of them. Mercy on the beautiful Bahamian people.

      • wtf are you talking about ???? people here have been getting ready to take whatever is needed there right now!!! obviously you know nothing and are just projecting lies you hear. The U.S. ALWAYS helps after a catastrophe. First responders have been on call and ready to go.

      • I don’t think censoring (or not) will help with ‘desensitization’. There’s nothing new going on here, from the beginning of human history these things happen and the outcome is always the same. People are effected (or not) in a variety of ways. So far 20 deaths have been reported, so the title of the article is rather misleading. There has not been ‘mass causalities’ which is something we can all be grateful for. Remember hurricane Michael in Florida last year? Were people ‘desensitized’ to that storm, or Katrina or Andrew? The world in general has a problem with ‘death’..the fear of death. Thank you LORD Jesus Christ…”Fear not, for I bring you tidings of Great Joy”. That’s who the world is desensitized to

        • Pictures should be up like that! But I agree with you about Micheal it’s down played about the lives lost..its sad

      • I’m sorry you’re ignorant, but if you think that the difference between seeing a dead persons face on a truck vs seeing a blurred out face lying dead on a truck is what will change my mind about donating you’re mistaken. Say that’s your mom or wife, do you want to find out from a photo on the news of her dead on a truckbed, or do you want to find out from a phone call or a loved one.

    • Awww does the truth hurt little liberal? Guess what, it smells even worse…. Death is a fact of life, aint none of us getting out alive, get used to it

      • Not true, those in Christ Jesus are Alive into Eternity… “Though you die, yet shall you live”. That ‘s the difference between have a mere living existence in this world only and being Alive unto the Ends of the Universe. One either lives in order to die, or is considered having already Died unto life, in order to be Truly Alive (in Christ) .. “Your lives are hidden with Christ in ‘heavenly ‘ realms’. Yes, Death is a fact of life…”I Am The Way , The Life and The Truth”…I do get your point too. Humanity in general (naturally) fears death and aging, it’s not a pleasant thing (but don’t bring ‘liberal’s into the equation, that’s an unfair use of a red herring logical fallacy)

      • You can blur a face without effecting the article. There is no need for family to find out their loved one is dead by seeing this photo.

    • WHY ?
      Paying respect is showing the reality .
      Are you not able to stand reality ?

      • You can blur the face and still show the reality. The reality is if that were my mother I don’t want to find out from this photo.

      • You created an account just to post this? What a sick f*&k. You can blur the face and still show the reality.

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