THE DEVIL is in the details at Bahamas Power and Light and that DEVIL hails from Grand Bahama….



Executive Chairman of Bahamas Power and Light Patrick Rollins and CEO Whitney Heastie. (Photo by Torrell Glinton)

NASSAU| Ever since a certain individual was allowed to take over BPL, the devil has moved in and has rained down a load of corruption on the place. Staff morale is low, public money wasted and any new hires must come from Grand Bahama.

First strange thing noticed was that a group of young men hired on contract to work at a plant decided to pay off their supervisor to cover for them while they went over to the beach to smoke dope, drink liquor, entertain their lady friends and order take out for delivery to them. Miraculously, when the ring was busted and all stories came to a head, the men pimped on themselves admitting their sins of goofing off on company time and breaking rules.

Strangely, their supervisor was fired, but all of the men who told on themselves got their contracts destroyed and immediately became permanent employees of the BPL. Now how does one figure that? You drank on company time, entertained your female friends, brought contraband to the property and smoked it, basically had a party all day, but those actions were attractive to BPL’s executive so they hired you full time? Hmmm …

Second thing noticed, the unionized staff at BPL have an agreement with management to pay 100% of their medical insurance premiums. That rug was pulled from under the staff with no notice. The staff were told pay a percentage of your medical insurance or cancel it. A leave it or take it approach. Staff cannot afford the insurance they did not budget for because they know the agreement between their union and management at BPL. Leave it or take it! BPL pretty much said if you can’t afford it, drop it because we don’t care.

So there’s a strange “relationship” between executive management and H.R. management. Hmmm … Seems like there is a dynamic duo in the midst. We’re not saying it’s on the romantic level, but the lesser has a HUGE influence over the greater.

Where is the CEO? Staff have not seen him on the premises for about 3 months and there are claims that BPL is running itself or H.R. management is running BPL as it does even when the CEO is there. (Put an astonished look on your face here).

Whitney Heastie is now 60 and by Corporation rules he should be made to retire. But we are going to see how that goes because we all know he is doing and covering up plenty for the POWERS THAT BE!

Another weird thing we have noticed at BPL is that the prime minister’s violent brother holds a contract for welding, but never is at work? He collects lots of money off this contract, but the returns are nil. Nepotism to say the least! If your brother was not working in a government organization before you became prime minister then you ought not to have hired him. Nepotism!

Then BPL has a lawyer on its Board of Directors; same lawyer that appears on several other Boards. It seems like the said lawyer has extreme influence with court officers and is placed on these Boards so when the actions of this juvenile government goes against labor laws, the lawyer steps in and “suggests” a few things to the court officers. Now we are not saying that is corruption, but you can do the math for yourselves.

Now we said the DEVIL was from Grand Bahama and all new hires must come from Grand Bahama, but that’s not the half of it. The GB Devil seems to want ONLY Grand Bahamians at a certain level. For example, the Director of H.R. is from Grand Bahama; the Director of I.T. is from Grand Bahama; the Director of Communications is from Grand Bahama and the Director of Security is from Grand Bahama.

Speaking of the Director of Security, so important was he to the Devil that a very reputable and popular security firm who has serviced government offices for years professionally, was fired from BPL to allow this man and his 2 staff members to fly from Grand Bahama to take up posts. So sudden was their appointment that they did not even have uniforms to wear, but instead were prancing around BPL in black and white like waiters. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?!

They fired that original security firm and, because they had no officers to man BPL’s properties, the new GB “firm” stole some of the former security firm’s officers, made them supervisors, and asking them to hire and train people as officers. When they did that, they turned around and fired them. Let us guess!! Hmmm …. Maybe they were not from Grand Bahama.

The Chairman …. Oh the chairman …. Let’s leave you with this to digest and give you the goods on him, next time.

We ga report and let yinner decide!