How did a British fugitive obtained a fake Bahamian Passport and Voter’s Card in 2019 under Minnis FNM Government? WHAT IS THIS?

British fugitive Shane Ian Murphy aka Shane Harrington charged for laundering in a Bahamian Court.

NASSAU| A British fugitive has been living in the Bahamas with a false identity since 2019. He was caught and is being charged for serious violations.

Shane Ian Murphy who obtained the name Shane Harrington, after he fled Cambridge in 2019, was charged in the UK but released halfway through his sentence when he fled and landed in The Bahamas.

Murphy had been sentenced to four years and four months after pleading guilty to abusing his pregnant wife; breaking her leg and locking her in rooms – against her will – knowing she would have panic attacks for being confined in spaces. But he didn’t care.

Someone though in The Bahamas welcomed Murphy helped him change his name to Harrington, furnished the fleeing fugitive with a Bahamian passport, a NIB digital smart card, a Bahamian voter’s card and a Bahamas issued driver’s licence. Yinner see why so many Bahamians are sick around here?! WHO AMONG US HELPED THIS FUGITIVE WHILE SELLING THE COUNTRY FOR A DIME AND A NICKLE? WHO?! This is serious!

Murphy is also accused of laundering some 389,000 Euros between 2019 and 2020. Sounds like he paid to play! He was remanded to The Department of Corrections where his trial is set to begin in October.

We want our British counterparts to leave Murphy right in the Bahamas so he can tell the whole world who facilitated the production of his FAKE Bahamian documents! And trust me BP will be right in the court passing on to you the details.

WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?! More news yinner will not see in any of the papers until after this report on BP!

We report yinner decide!