The Dissident 6 (FNM) Have Rolled The Dice, And In My View When The Dice Land They Are Coming Up “Crop.”


The Official Opposition
The Official Opposition

By Jerry Roker
for Bahamas Press

The subject of this piece could have very easily been ‘It’s About Competence and Vision, Stupid!”

Six FNM Members of Parliament, this past week issued a scathing attack on their leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis and demanded that there be a party convention as soon as possible and not in November as previously scheduled. Their statement, putting their case for an early convention, amounted to: reasons why they felt that the party do not stand a ghost of a chance in the next general elections, with Dr. Minnis as leader.

In my opinion, Dr. Minnis’ political colleagues did a butcher job on him, never before seen in Bahamian politics! It’s hard for him not to take it personal. Some of the criticism, I believe to be grossly unfair, unbalanced and merciless. It was really an indictment of the entire FNM parliamentary team. Of the six none has the intellectual depth, temperament, and organizational skills of Dr. Minnis. With the possible exception of maybe, Chartered Accountant, Hubert Chipman, the St. Anns MP, none is equally as educated.

If Dr. Minnis was so horrible, and they were all of that, how come none of them haven’t emerged as a credible option?

These six MPs must know something the Bahamian people obviously don’t know, because I believe Dr. Minnis will emerge from the convention next month, as still the leader of the FNM, unless off course former Prime Minister, Hubert Ingraham comes out of retirement. And if Dr. Minnis is returned as leader, what’s next for these six good gentlemen? Would Dr. Minnis support their being nominated to contest the next general elections? Your guess is probably better than mine.

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