The family of Meshack Bain reports his passing at SRC….


Why are health officials so tight-lipped on details about these persons passing in health facilities due to COVID?

Meshack Bain

BP BREAKING| The family of Meshack Bain, who was a patient at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre is reporting to BP his sudden passing. Bain was on the same Ward of which R/N nurse Bernedette Rolle worked.

Relatives told BP, “He was at SRC for some time, and we could not see him. After we saw the reports of mass infections at Sandilands we contacted the facility begging to have contact with our relative. We were denied making any contact with him and by this past Saturday, we got a call that he had passed.

“This is so unfair BP and we want you to spread the word to the world that our good relative Meshack Bain has passed away in the government health facility where there is mass community spread of COVID19. You are doing a great job and letting the country know what is going on in this country!”

We report yinner decide!