Young mother dies one week after giving birth at PMH…

Shakinah Dean

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is now reporting another death in this COVID19 pandemic.

BP is reporting twenty-year-old Shakinah Dean died at PMH a week after giving birth and testing positive for COVID-19.

The young mother was admitted to hospital after she started vomiting blood and having dangerous complications.

Dean wanted to be transferred to Blake Road but there was no space to accommodate her.

Her mother is making the claims that she received inadequate care, and could have survived with proper treatment. The PHA says the matter is under investigation.

Bahamas Press warns young persons to adhere to the strict protocols and save your life. Avoid crowds. and stay home if you don’t need to be out and about.

At last report, the death count for COVID19 in the Bahamas stood at 50 with some 2020 persons having been infected with the virus.

We report yinner decide!