The FNM, Church and Ingraham’s ‘BED SOLDIER’ Sharon Turner should all vote “YES”!


New Day Government is bringing regulation and order to the society! Bahamians are tired of the lawlessness and are voting YES!!!

Hubert Ingraham told Bahamians he would want a yes vote when he told Parliament he would legalize the numbers business. HE DIDN'T DO IT!

Nassau, Bahamas — Now that we know the FNM, the Church and Hubert Ingraham’s bed soldier are all advocating for a no vote in the upcoming poll to legalize web shops in the Bahamas, the choice is clear that they are all on the wrong side of history.

Make no mistake about it, we understand the Church’s “moral concern” about the obsessive abuse of some gamblers who would leave their children on the street to die for a number, but so have some church women and men assassinated their marriage all in the name of the Church!

So let’s be clear here: we at Bahamas Press are not in any way fanning the problem of abuse by some gamblers. However, we do have a concern regarding the fact that illegal shops, which have existed since 1965, have operated – like the church – under the cloud of having no regulation and accountability to the wider society.

What the New Day government is doing today is removing the vestiges and first stage of what we deem a “colonial APARTHEID law“, where some people in a society can gamble and others cannot.

They are removing the criminal elements that can spring up around an illegal operation.

They are setting FREE the shackles around the feet of Bahamians who have been forbidden to gamble freely for all these years.

We wonder if readers are aware of this fact:

Something cannot be right when a Bahamian walks into a webshop, engages in a transaction, wins the number and cannot get their earnings! Something gata be wrong with dat!

INGRAHAM'S "BED Soldier" Sharon Turner now against a "YES" VOTE.

A YES VOTE will eliminate this crisis now faced by Bahamians and allow legitimate redress to be taken up in the courts if need be. Is that what the FNM, the Church and Hubert Ingraham’s bed soldier seeking to continue in the Bahamas?

A legal operation with regulation would bring order to these incidents now in the society by rogue operators who bastardize and pillage the earnings of their victims.

Is the FNM aware of that fact that to regulate the business would mean anyone falling into this category would now be able to take that rogue operator to court and be ordered to pay up?

A “YES” Vote would not only bring order to our society and validate business operators in the country, but it would also protect the consumers. Increase business, stabilize jobs, create revenue for Government, increase Bahamian ingenuity and open the doors for banks to now accept the winners funds in a secure institution. Every Bank Employee should be voting “YES”!

Why do we want to oppose all this good?

What we also find strange is the fact that one time ago the former Prime Minister thought to once believed in creating this “ORDERED” society of opportunity! Its looks like the FNM and its bed soldiers would rather fan a society of lawlessness and crime. The records speaks for itself.

Maybe this is why they are so hard against the YES VOTE!

We report yinner decide!