The FNM is a Vicked and Despicable Government – Exumians are being treated like slaves at Sandals


<<< Locals dissed in Exuma as foreign labour takes all the jobs at Sandals. Non-Bahamian workers are working without work permit. The local labor office has no files on Sandals, the local workers do not trust the local labor office and maids are given 12-14 rooms to clean per day @$4.50 per hour. BP was on the ground in Exuma today.

Exuma, Bahamas — No sooner had our Charter Flight landed at Moss Town Airport this morning, we were flooded with all kinds of stories at Sandals Resort on that Island. Our agents on the ground took us to the property to see first hand for ourselves, what is happening there. On this Emancipation day, when we celebrate freeing of the slaves, the workers at Sandals told us”we are still enslaved and the Government is allowing it to happen”.

Maids, we have been told, are required to clean 12-14 rooms per day at $4.50 per hour. Six housekeepers said, “BP, the Jamaicans are treating us like slaves, they talk to us any kind of way and we have nobody to talk to, our MP, Anthony Moss appears to be both dumb and deaf, please help us.”

We were so moved by their story that we have cancelled our trip to Long Island and Abaco today. We will stay on the ground through Monday and then move on. We were then taken over to the spa where we saw many Jamaicans running around the place. Some of the Bahamian therapists told us of their plight. We were told about Sharlise Nelson, a Receptionist at the spa and a Jamaican national, could you imagine a Foreign Receptionist in the Bahamas, who approved this work permit, we cry shame on Brent Symonette for allowing this.
We have been advised that Sharlise Nelson books all of the appointmrnts and sees to it that the Jamaican therapists get all of the good clients. They treat the Bahamian staff very badly we were told. We provide her picture and ask the Hubert “Mugabe” In raham Government, why is this lady here as a receptionist?. Please tell the unemployed mothers of Exuma why. This is surely not emancipation.

We have been advised that there are scores of Jamaicans working there without work permits, we are investigating this claim. We have been further advised that the local Labour Office does not have the Sandals files.

An irate worker said to us”BP, Jamaicans are also answering the phones, if you don’t believe us, please dial 242-336-6800 , can’t Bahamians answer the phones?”. We dailed the number and so said, so done yardies answering the phone.

This is a Vicked and Despicable Government to allow Foreigners to come to Exuma and take jobs from Bahamians, we call for the immediate resignation of Brent Symonette, in fact we call for the resignation of the entire Cabinet who allowed these things to happen.

Another Bahamian employee said, ” Butch Stewart gets what he wants, the PM went to Bishop Burke’s funeral on Butch’s plane, they are tighter than water. Butch can do anything in the Bahamas and nothing is said”.

We have assured our Field Marshalls on the ground that we will not let this matter rest, we cannot enjoy this emancipation hoilday with Bahamians being enslaved in our own Country and our leaders say and do nothing. They have no shame, they are a bunch of shameless men and women.

We need change Bahamas.


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