The girlfriend of murdered marine skips town to a safe house and resigns her NIB job!


A relative of a man who stole drugs was shot dead in mistaken identity in South Beach over the weekend…

Joevonte Miller

NASSAU| A slain Royal Bahamas Defence Force Officer murdered by cold killers was set to leave the RBDF just months before his death.

 Marine seaman, Joevonte Miller, had asked the Force for a discharge that would take effect come August 2022.

Sadly, the marine was ambushed by three armed men in June on a Thursday night as he approached the door of his home on Pineyard Road. But now it gets worse.

BP is learning there might be a connection to unaccounted drugs and money – which, it is believed, was the cause of his murder and his intention to step down from the RBDF.

Sources now tell us Miller’s killers are still not satisfied. They are out of their money and they want it back. We understand those same murderers have come looking for the deceased marine’s girlfriend who was a former employee of the National Insurance Board and has since abruptly resigned her position following the murder.

Just before his death, the marine purchased a new boat. Well, that boat has now been sold and the girlfriend has left town, fleeing into the protection of the United States. What is this?!

Sadly, persons who are supposed to be law-abiding and upholders of law and order have not learned their lesson about the trade of drugs! It is a deadly, dangerous sport that ends in sure and certain death! 

In another incident over the weekend, another murder in South Beach was a case of mistaken identity.  Shortly after 10 am on Saturday morning Kenilworth Street game under a hail of bullets as gunmen committed terror on a home there. Killers gunned down a relative of a man in his 50s, who they suspect to be the culprit who took their money. Look how criminals and crime-infected family members cause the death of their loved ones. Looka DAT!

We ga keep reporting and let yinner decide!

Scenes from that homicide in South Beach Saturday morning.