‘The home of Friendly People’ is now a dump – Harbour Island Turns Dirty!


Harbour Island, Bahmaas — It is shocking that as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and hundreds of visitors begin to arrive on Harbour Island – one of this country’s most loved, scenic and visited destinations  – that the place is still a mess from hurricane Irene (Aug 25th).

The iconic  “home of friendly people” sign at the foot of the dock has not been replaced and bags of rat infested storm garbage still sit in the parking lot of the commissioners offices.

Not to mention the fact that the road works have stalled and the island’s roads are a eyesore and embarrassment.

We can do better!

No excuse !


  1. I do beleive that we do have a problem in Brialnd and that things need to be done concerning alot of things pertaining to the wlefare and proper goverance of Harbour Isalnd, but throwing blame on each other will not help solve the problem.What I do believe is we need to look at inventive means and ways to move the island forward. Local GOVERNMENT AND CENTRAL GOVERNMENT CANNOT DO EVERYTHING. the people must come together and shape the community to a level where they want it to be ,but this can only be done when they really want change. Sadly alot of people are content in filth and muck and would by any means resist change. Brialnd is a great place to be but for the most part the people are not seeing the benefits of what they have

  2. @ HI Gone Funky: The scenario you describe points to a National Security/Law Enforcement Failure!! And YES!we will save and restore our Bahamas by simply enforcing our LAWS!!!!

  3. @ HI Gone Funky: The scenario you describe points to a National Security/Law Enforcement Failure!! And YES!we will save and restore our Bahamas by simply enforcing our LAWS!!!!

  4. Lololol. The council is a bunch of clowns!! Wow. Question? Why you didn’t run so that u could have be on the council to know how things operate before you run on with stupid things that you cannot prove. The council that was appointed has been there for five months. When the council got sworn in we met these problems going on. Tell me which council was it that had a hurricane to pass through on their watch or which council that had the road dug up on their watch. Now all of a sudden this council is the fault for everything, wake up and find out who really is the blame for what is going on and stop talking what you don’t know.

  5. What do you expect? Seriously? We (friends and I) go down to Harbour Island and make several trips to Eleuthera every year for the regatta, Lower Bough home coming and Rock Sound home coming. Harbour Island still is a beautiful place, don’t get me wrong but everyone know what’s going on. Everyone!

    Plenty “french” citizens are now living on Harbour island. They are now moving in there slowly and the numbers are growing fast. Too fast for that small island. Plenty ghetto people from other parts are now manifesting themselves and feeding off of employment opportunities and tourism on the island, so they themselves are now HI residents. There are now small pocket areas in Harbour Island that I won’t even ride through when I go down because it looks like a little dirty shanty town. That is what it is becoming fast, why do you think those “french ferries” are now making their trips to Harbour Island?

    The demand by local businessmen and cronies for the frenchies are high so as to pay low wages, but what they don’t realize is that with the french citizens from the south, if a father comes down, it’s only a matter of time before he works, saves that money in the form of cash and pay some boat captain to have his wife, three children and his neighbour from the south to also make the voyage to Paradise, and this cycle continues!

    In the end, nothing will be done by ANY government who loves to play politics with illegals in the hopes of garnishing the one thing that will keep the politicos in power, and that is votes.

    So, like we have lost so many beautiful areas in the Bahamas now turned ghetto, in short time, if this cycle continues on the island, we may have to find an alternate vacation spot 🙁
    I’m Bahamian and that is how I feel, could you imagine what our tourists would think when they arrive to paradise on Harbour Island only to find that the island has turned into one big ghetto?

    We slippin’ down the hill on oil, and ain’t no way back up!

    • I don’t agree with Harbour Island gone Funky. It has nothing to do with the “frenchies” as you call them. It has to do with pride, respect, education, love, priorities…qualities that the Briland people now lack !

  6. looks like since the FNM came to power and the newly installed FNM local government board, the Island has gone backwards( farward never! Backward forever!) even the home of friendly people sign rite at the entrance of the dock is,nt replaced as yet! we have some council members walking around like they crap dont stink! but look at what they consistantly allowing(a DIRTY NASTY,STINKING LOOKING ISLAND.

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