The island Clinic and two stores all robbed in Andros over a two day period by armed men…


Andros – Bahamas Press is now confirming reports out of North Andros that the community clinic has been ransacked and robbed over the space of two nights, Dec. 11th and 12th this week.

Our intel on the ground also confirms that both Mother Shop and Mr. Romer’s store in the community were also vandalized by bandits operating in the northern community of Andros. We are being advised that two suspects have been captured by police and transported to New Providence. We have no names of those arrested and we await the police report on these matters.

We at BP want to make our message very clear to business on Andros and around the country: get your alarms installed and hire extra armed security. Police say crime down – we say CRIME REPORTING IS DOWN!

We get these kinds of intel daily – we just choose not to report sometimes. But this is getting ridiculous!