The Jokes for the WEEK <<< BP BLOOPERS...

Goldilocks and Phenton Neymour together at the FNM Candidates Launch. With his JUNGALISS Sweetie is seen here front row at the FNM Circus this afternoon. Neymour, the bad candidate in South Beach, will soon be no more in Exuma.
We wonder if he ever cuffed himself to a hotel room bed. BOY THIS IS FUNNY! Boy, all we say is this, IF WALLS IN THE NASSAU PALMS HOTEL COULD TALK, WHAT WILL THEY SAY? The man who told a foreign government, Hubert Ingraham is turning the Bahamas into a lil Haiti, is now preaching the praises of Papa.
Churches in the Bahamas cancelled and radio programmes for faith based events are cancelled as the Christian Council agreed with the FNM GOVERNMENT to introduce Sunday Rallying. Some people as we said before HAS NO DAMN SHAME! NONE!!!!!
And while some at the PLP mega event on Grand Bahama was listening to the speeches, check the young nigga out looking at them legs. BOY I TELL YA ITS ELECTION TIME, AGAIN!


  1. Its obvious based on the picture that this young lady is suking this fella real good. He looks very content, and totally unconcerned with what is going on around him.

    He cant wait to get home to get his turkish delights.
    The Spirit of commonsense seems to have left him long time ago and replaced by the Spirit of juicin and sukin.

    I see the fella from the airline pizzie mad cus his ole piece can’t compare to this hot side piece. Remember beloved, beauty is only skin deep, and sukin only last for a fortnite. God soon coming. Amen, Hallelujah.

  2. that can’t be cause Mr. Maynard said they was all with there wifes…….even dough i see one wife got dis on stage she gone up hugging up but he did’nt look her way after( everytime she could get a hold or kiss she happy) …the usher in her red jacket showed her off the stage(lady stand up and stop being use…unless you need him to get a job so he could help with the bill’s then dress all the children up and bring them out too)…
    and good speech mr education…..if you done all that for education then all us should bring our children back to the bahamas for high schooling hey’ stop the fluffing…………rambo.

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