The Juvenile WSC Chairman’s secretary has tendered her resignation at the corporation!


Some nine managers at WSC are set to be moved from their current posts at the Corporation as UNION disputes get heated!

Montgomery Miller managers union President at WSC.

NASSAU| The Water and Sewerage Corporation is about to run into the ground and BP is advising a boil water situation across the country.

We are learning that come Monday morning some 9 managers within WSC will be moved out of their departments. It is said that the juvenile Chairman, Adrian Gibson, who is crying like a banshee, has ordered the shakeup of management without giving any notice to department heads. Pure Chaos!

The move could cause serious problems within the management and line staff structures at WSC, which is already in serious union disputes.

Meanwhile, the juvenile Chairman’s secretary, who once whispered deep into his ear and was tight-tight on the gossip line, carrying news and information to the juvenile, has tendered her resignation with WSC amidst serious stress and a demoralizing environment under the juvenile Chairman. In short, the secretary is sick and tired of changing diapers in the executive suite as WSC! The Secretary’s husband has also tendered his resignation at the Corporation and will officially vacate come June.

This is the second secretary to leave the office of the Chairman. And an auditor for the Corporation has also tendered his resignation and took up a job at Bahamas Power and Light. Everyone is jumping out of the nursery where the juvenile Chairman is in charge.

With all this chaos and low staff morale at WSC, BP is advising all Bahamians reading this update to put a boil water progamme in place immediately. In our opinion, there could be serious organizational tremors within WSC as long as the juvenile Chairman sits in the seat.

We report yinner decide!